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*    When is a bed & breakfast actually a motel? The county lists their second structure as a motel!


     If I were a business owner in Lancaster County I would not go before Lancaster city council and the mayor (and the world through the internet) and state that I use marijuana morning day and night. Nope. Not wise. It is still not legal. Maybe he was high? Are the Amish growing marijuana in Bird in Hand?

**   Wade McFarland and his wife own Greystone Manor Bed & Breakfast in Bird in Hand (click here).


McFarland addressing city council last night.

*    The opening remarks of a commenter’s statement to city council last night (please note the spelling of his name is based on his pronunciation and may not be correct).
     Wade McFarland – Old Philadelphia Pike. I just want to say I appreciate what you all are doing here as far as hopefully with a yay vote and moving the ordinance forward and passing it tonight. I think it’s courageous of you to do this.
     I’m a pothead. I use marijuana morning day and night. I’m a family man. I have three kids and a businessman – self-employed – so I’m not your typical marijuana user or I don’t look like it anyway maybe – but I think this – it will definitely be the right step forward and if I could plant a seed of courage in any of you I think maybe the best way to legislate cannabis would be not at all.



     There was no question how city council was going to vote last night on the marijuana ordinance (click here to watch the entire meeting). As soon as it was introduced about a month ago you knew it was going to pass. If you watch enough of these meetings you know you will hear “aye, aye, and aye” over and over again.


     Last night the only city council member to say “no” was Janet Diaz. This seemed to catch city clerk Bernard Harris so off guard that it took several seconds for him to recover.
     I have some questions about this ordinance – so you can have  an ounce of marijuana – but where do you buy it? How do you buy it? What about the seller?
     And in an interesting twist, a commenter last night who stated he is a father of three went on to say he uses marijuana “morning, day and night.” Hmmm… Where does he get his marijuana? Does he have more than an ounce at any one time? Is he an addict?
Please check back later today.


  1. Lang Kisster says:

    Well this should be an easy arrest . Police know where he lives, and when he smokes.

  2. Ohwellist says:

    Its clear he has a street dealer and damn good one at that to only have to smoke morning day & night. Some smoke all day. Of course hes an addict when he says out his own mouth “Im a pothead.” Only people that really are and have been for so many years say it like that. I have to go see this vid I missed this one.