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  • ENJOY!

    Posted on September 1st, 2018 Becky 4 comments

    LIP News will return on Tuesday, September 4th.


    4 responses to “ENJOY!”

    1. Testing just being banned for replying to your post on this thread.

      Becky no need to publish this just wondered if your blog has been censored by others?

    2. galty – I sent you a message on Facebook. What are you talking about? Who banned you? Did you have a problem sending a comment into this site? I have no idea what is going on but no one censors my site!

    3. Becky…Just posted a lol message about how many Holidays you Americans take and got a notice I was not allowed to say that.

      Did think it was odd because you have control of what is published.

      Happened twice know will take a screenshot next time.

      Ps Back in Vegas for Thanksgiving.

    4. Thanks, galty!