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This New York Times columnist nails it (click here).


  1. galty says:

    One mans drink to him is not enough to others its to much.

  2. galty says:

    Tend to think that the Dems are holding a Witch hunt because they have no way of stopping this, other then under hand ways.

    I am sorry for Ford who is being used over this.

    Good speech by Cruz.

  3. Rednek says:

    Dem’s are trying to hold both a witch-hunt and a tar and feather party all for the same admission fee.

  4. barry in winnipeg says:

    Who else “failed the test?” Here are some quotes and original thoughts from this past week. I’ll report–you decide.
    1. “America chose a dime store messiah who said he was a populist and just a little bit of authoritarian. Instead it got an authoritarian who is just a little bit populist.” Trump continued this past week to fail the test. BIGLY.
    2. All those old white guys who listened to Dr. Ford and then went on to say they’d still vote for Judge K–as if none of her words mattered. Maybe like my 2001 Toyota they are no longer road worthy and should get off the public stage before they get yanked.
    3. I have a special word for Senator Lindsey Graham. You should really have listened to those who said “you should keep your mouth shut.” I think you got a big fat ‘F’ on your life test, too. Pity. I used to have some respect for you.
    4. Last, but not least, anyone who has not yet registered to vote for the midterm election. If you fail to register or fail to vote, your fail may be even worse than all the rest.

  5. galty says:

    Think that’s a very biased article by NYT