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      Screenshots from the live-feed of Justin Perry’s home being searched this morning. What were the police looking for? What did they find?






Justin Perry; the police at Perry’s house this morning.

*** BREAKING NEWS *** Several police departments and the District Attorney’s office searched Justin Perry’s house this morning (MR 17 5 40) and you can watch the livestream on his Facebook page. He is the man who catches child predators on Facebook and was responsible for the arrest of Thomas Wise who is charged with multiple felonies for allegedly trying to meet a 15-year-old girl (actually Perry) in Binn’s Park. The police had a warrant. Perry was not arrested this morning but the police took several items.




     …He and his wife have paid the 1.1 percent excise tax, which Zimmerman’s chief of staff Priscilla Eberly said amounted to $31.95. And she said they don’t have to pay the second one because they provided breakfast for their rentals.     …
     …But county Treasurer Amber Martin said she hasn’t yet made any final determinations.
     She said her office received the Zimmermans’ application in late August and is still in the process of verifying the information — such as how many times it was rented and whether it did actually include breakfast in the rental rate.
     “Anyone can say they have a breakfast,” Martin said, emphasizing that checking records is standard procedure for all Airbnb and similar applications.
From today’s LNP article, “State Rep. David Zimmerman pays some back taxes on Airbnb rental, waiting for final county call,” (click here).
    It’s wonderful to see that the Zimmermans paid their $31.95 in LNP’s big investigative story! And now we have treasurer Amber Martin investigating breakfasts! Oh, this is so rich in irony and stupidity it’s unbelievable!
     Hey, LNP reporter Sam Janesch, have you found her bond in the name of Amber Green? That’s the name she was elected under and there should be a bond in that name! Maybe you could investigate that?
     And maybe LNP should investigate the over $5 million dollars the city spent on MAW Communications that has brought the city absolutely nothing instead of worrying about breakfast and $31.95!
—  Click here for, “Lancaster County treasurer without insurance for millions in tax dollars.”
—  Click here for, “Dozens of local officials fail to disclose their financial interests,” which includes Amber Martin!
Please check back later today.    


  1. Ida says:

    Me too! I’m remembering all the times when she and Scott were married to other people but sighted out having breakfast. I guess anyone can say they had a breakfast…

    This story is especially interesting since Zimmerman’s political circle doesn’t align with the Martin’s political circle.

  2. Becky says:

    I am extremely hungry this morning! I don’t know why! 🙂