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**   Here comes super serial stalker Steve Markle. He thinks he’s so clever using duckduckgo! Does Cheryl Dum Markle know how much time he spends on my site?
      What insult will he throw at me today? In one comment he called me a “c*nt hag.” How nice. Does he call Cheryl a “c*nt hag?” Does he refer to all females as “c*nt hags?” What a pig!

*    This is going to be quite a week for women: Bill Cosby is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow and Christine Blasey Ford is tentatively scheduled to testify about her alleged sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday. What a week!


     In the northern Aegean Sea sits a sliver of land where gilded chandeliers hang in sanctuaries and ornate frescos line the walls. It is a land of monks and pilgrims. And it is a locale — perhaps the largest such slice of land in the world — where women are not permitted.
The opening sentences to today’s LNP article, “Lancaster attorney visits a monastic state where the outside world ceases to exist,” (click here).
     “Women are not permitted?” I’m done with that story! Seriously? 
Please check back later today.

3 Responses to ** – * A TALK AT THE HAMILTON CLUB…

  1. Ohwellist says:

    Why is he allowed to stalk you? Isnt this enough for some type of restraining order?

  2. Becky says:

    Orban is a Lancaster attorney who initially traveled there to learn about the religious nature of the region and has since been hired as international legal counsel for one of the 20 monasteries that dot the peninsula.

    I wonder how much they pay him and how much work he has to do? LOL!