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Cheryl Dum (actual maiden name) Markle from her Instagram account (click here).

     Does Cheryl know that her husband is so obsessed with me that he sends me three or four “love notes” every single day and has for almost seven years? Does she know?
Please check back later today!

6 Responses to A NEW LIP SERIES…

  1. huh? says:

    Truth is, they don’t know what to do with them so they blow people off rather than effectively deal with them. Just look how they handled the latest police involved shooting. Hostage negotiation? Nah, just shoot through the window without hearing a word from either person. Taking the word from bystanders as to what they saw and heard. They seem to only know two speeds. Full stop and shoot to kill. Full stop in dealing effectively with hackers and guns blazing by always anonymous cops. And full on SWAT suits to menace citizens.

  2. OntheBeachByNoon says:

    It’s hard to believe stalkers can manipulate local police, the Lancaster County D.A.’s office, county detectives and magistrate court judges the way mine – and apparently, yours – have for so many years. But, they do. It defies credulity.

  3. Lang Kisster says:

    No problem Becky. I agree about people in theater. She totally breaks the stereotype of tolerant accepting people. She looks more like a customer service rep at a Walmart.

  4. huh? says:

    There is a very good article on Jezebel. Here is the link:


    Written by an overweight author, there was one sentence that stood out to me when I read it.

    An obese woman often ends up “partnering with a person you’re not attracted to just to feel desired…” and all the other iniquities that a heavyset woman accepts in her life. Who is to say that this is not their case?

  5. galty says:

    Think his problem is if you don’t agree with him he takes that as an insult and throws his toys out of the pram and festers hate

    Remember the old days on Talkback.

    She on the other hand might be a nice person but because of his Madness has to go along with his stupidity…which was apparent on Talkback.

  6. Becky says:

    Lang Kisster – I’m not going to post that – no offense. What does amaze me is her involvement in theater – because for all my life – artists and actors and theater people are some of the most accepting and open to all races and life styles and life choices that people make. And her husband sends in nasty, racist comments to this site all the time.

    I figure her association with EPAC is also why no one was charged with hacking Ron Harper’s email because the detectives couldn’t determine whether she or Steve did it. A little bit of white privilege and OMG she works at EPAC – she can’t be a stalker or email hacker.

    Harpers “Stalker Warning”