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          Editor Tom Murse        Reporter Jeff Hawkes

—  Tom, Jeff here.
—  What can I do for you, Jeff?
—  Can I state that the man whose body was found was arrested in a prostitution sting in July? We wrote about it and his picture was in the paper and online.
—  No, Jeff. We’ve talked about this. The District Attorney’s office has not stated that so we cannot publish it.
—  But it’s public information, Tom! Anyone can google his name and find it. And a well known and respected citizen did just that and published a link to it under my story! And a picture might jog someone’s memory!
—  Jeff, you know we have a deal with the DA’s office. We don’t print it until they tell us to! That’s the way LNP works! Forget about good journalism and the whole watchdog thing! You’re at LNP, dammit! We control this town because we control the news the public gets! Never forget that!


****  Someone finally posted the link on Lancaster Online – the man found dead Saturday morning by the New Danville Pike, Ronel Villanueva-Mejias, was arrested in a prostitution sting in July of this year (click here). He also pleaded guilty to drug charges last year.

Ronel Villanueva-Mejias

***  9:34 am –  CBS 21 is live in the courthouse awaiting the arrival of Bill Cosby for his sentencing (click here).

**   I think this entry from the Columbia Borough Police Department on CrimeWatch is very interesting considering the police shooting death involving domestic violence and a gun in Lancaster last Sunday night (click here):


*     Sigh. And then LNP reporter Tom Knapp has to chime in with this:
      You’re right, Stan, it’s a grocery store. But people are happy and excited about something, and these days that’s a good thing to see. Even if it’s something comparatively minor.
      Oh, just shove it, Tom! I’m as happy and excited as can be on this rainy Monday without Wegmans. This week is going to be chock full of very important news! Wow!


A headline in today’s LNP print edition on page A-3 about yesterday’s opening of Wegmans.

      No, it’s a grocery story. As a commenter stated under the online article (click here): 
     Seriously. Wegmans was their lead front page story both Saturday and Sunday. Enough!
Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    This Wegman’s thing is weird. All over facebook people are posting about being in line, eating hamburgers, buying ‘stuff’ that will probably sit in their cupboards until the end of time.

    Lancaster has never been known as a very fit place. Obesity is well-documented. So, all of this for a grocery store???

    You’d think that a Taco Bell was opening… 😉

  2. Lang Kisster says:

    I’m guessing most of these “journalists” are straight outta Lancaster County and have the same don’t-rock-the-boat approach to life as the generations before. Perfect for Lazy News People

  3. Rednek says:

    One has to wonder why any ‘journalist’ with any sense of dignity or integrity would work for LNP.

    I wonder how many of these ‘journalists’ are full-time with benefits versus part-time w/ no benefits.

    I’d wager that the editorial staff and upper management are all full-time with excellent (above industry) salary and benefits.

  4. Lang Kisster says:

    Knappman doesn’t like it when people criticize his Pulitzer winning puff. BUMP THE BEER SALES ON SUNDAY PIECE THIS IS BIG!!!

  5. Ohwellist says:

    He may have been given a bad batch while buying off dealer. While trying out in car he must of overdosed and they dumped him in that field. That man was always walking in city. I doubt he even knows anybody in that area. Smh