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     In regard to LNP’s editorial today, I could write (and very often do) about the racism at LNP, their huge conflict of interest as the owner of the Marriott Hotel, their failure to report on MAW and the Safety Coalition cameras and their failure to hold the police, the DA and judges accountable and on and on and on. They are caretakers of their own interests only.
     But I thought I would give you a direct example of LNP taking a disgraceful situation and trying to say everything is great and wonderful and a commenter just completely shutting them down.
     It was under their editorial,The case of Lancaster city police Sgt. Raymond Corll yielded justice, and two courageous officers,” (click here).
     The simple, direct, sensible comment that was posted under it and completely destroyed their entire editorial was:        
     I disagree with your premise about two courageous officers. Had it not been for the videotape, these officers would never have come forward and two innocent people would have been convicted and punished for crimes they did not commit. It would have been courageous for them to go to internal affairs, to the chief or to the mayor immediately after the incident occurred. At trial, under oath and penalty of perjury, not so much. Officers stick together. I get it. They have a tough job.
     How in the world could the editors “miss” this? Are they that stupid or just liars?
UPDATE – Where is former Sgt. Ray Corll today? He has been out on bail since last June when he appealed his case to the PA Superior Court. According to his lengthy Superior Court docket, oral arguments in his appeal are scheduled for August 15, 2018 (click here).


**   The below email in at 7:01 am this morning. Can someone explain their use of the word “FREE” in this email?


*    The editorial is now online – click here.


From today’s LNP editorial in print “Of the people” (not currently online).

     For once, LNP and I completely agree! I lost a lot of sleep last night and following my correction yesterday afternoon, this morning I deleted the video and the year-old news account from yesterday’s post.
     The rest of LNP’s editorial – well, I will have a lot to say about that later today!

4 Responses to ** – * WHERE IS YOUR CODE OF ETHICS, LNP!

  1. Lang Kisster says:

    What exactly are they invested in? I know when the Con officially fails and the taxpayer has to pay off the loans, they’re out millions. But do you know what specifically they’re invested in; The Con center, the hotel…?

  2. Lang Kisster says:

    How much does the P have invested in the con/Marriott scam?

  3. WTF? says:

    It does suck to have a conscience. Blessed are the psychopaths.