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*   The bottom line – I will give details of my calls tomorrow – the following Right to Know request was emailed to the County this afternoon:
      A copy of all Surety Bonds for/in the name of Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Martin and all Surety Bonds in the name of the Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office for the last two years.


     The Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office is potentially risking millions in liability by not securing surety bonds for the local taxes it collects.
The opening sentence to the LNP article from July 18, 2018 titled, “Lancaster County treasurer without insurance for millions in tax dollars,” (click here).
     Today, I decided to see if Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Martin had obtained the required bonds to protect the citizens. The answer: after three phone calls I still don’t have an answer. Details to follow.



   On a very serious and horrific note, a two-year-old was killed in Philadelphia last night by five pit bulls in his home.
     This is a brief update to the vicious pit bull attack in Lancaster on two children and their mother on June 19, 2017 (they are now using initials for the children and I will respect that and no longer use their names).
     The lawsuit they filed in the Lancaster Court of Common Pleas just “sat” there for a year. Finally there is action and they have found “deep pockets.” I am not being sarcastic about that – the dog’s owner, Luis Colon, probably does not have insurance since $80,000 was paid for a prior attack by his dog and these children will need medical care for years.
      Judge Leonard G Brown granted the below order on July 19th of this year and the revised lawsuit will be filed in Philadelphia County.



A headline from page A-3 of today’s LNP print edition and a meme that came across my Facebook feed recently.

     What a relief! There does, however, seem to be a drought on real news!


  1. Drain the swamp in Lancaster’

    On the beach by noon

    Amber Martin Was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland

    Amber Martin has one sister Amy.
    Amy has Contacted Becky. in the past
    I remember the post
    Amy wanted all of the tax pairs In Lancaster’
    to mind their own business
    Involving her sister. Amber Martin and her brother-in-law
    Scott Martin

    Now that is funny
    – Amy.-

    they work for us the tax pairs
    that How they get their pay checks.
    that is our money
    Our tax dollars

    That Scott Martin and Amber Martin
    do not deserve or earn

    I found Amy’s picture on Amber’s Martin’s website
    She must be Amber Martin’s younger sister
    she definitely looks like it
    Amy is a very pretty Woman She Probably is just trying to protect her older sister

    Amber Martin has a bachelor’s degree from Marylands – Hood College
    In history

    Yes the rest of
    Amber Martin’s Stuff is. ( B.S ) fake

    Amber Martin
    what does President Trump Say

    Drain The Swamp

    You and your husband are the. SWAMP

  2. Governmment frauds

    On the beach by noon

    She has a bachelor’s degree from Hood College In history

    I also heard she had a degree from a online class
    That she paid somebody to do Or take for her

    This woman is full of S—
    She is exactly like her husband Senator Scott Martin
    Lies. manipulates. and. Exaggerates

    She will scam You Out of your last dime

  3. OntheBeachByNoon says:

    FYI, Her annual salary is approx. $192,872.

    No wonder she up and quit Manor Township Board of Supervisors in the middle of her term. Pretty cushy job she’s got, there. I do not believe she has a business degree or any other, specific qualifications. (I might be wrong.)
    But, then again, neither does anyone else.

  4. Missing Lancaster’ County Treasurer

    Well it is good to see Amber Martin is alive and well
    thank you for posting Amber Martin
    under ( You’re Funny )

    Ida – love your sense of humor But so true

    Thank you Becky
    For Staying on top of this story
    protecting our tax dollars

    It is obvious Amber Martin is not

    Amber Martin is a waste of our tax dollars
    You need to (resign )
    Amber Martin
    Or we will VOTE you out

  5. huh? says:

    Becky, thank you for explaining the suit and why it’s in Philadelphia. After you wrote that, I went back and reread the document you posted. It’s clear to me now why all of this is being done.

    It also raises a point that might be a mitigating factor in the whole sad event. IF he had his dog in a kennel and keeping it there to be extra safe, and the kennel was defective, I wish that the LNP would do a follow up story. I understand that this dog caused physical injury to another person earlier but since they didn’t order him to euthanize the dog after that, it appears that the dog was being kenneled to avoid a repeat attack. If all of this is true to what the suit entails, it does lessen the outrage to some extent. If the guy was trying to do the right thing.

  6. Ida says:

    I think people get confused about seeing Amber or not because this glamour shot she chooses to use looks nothing like her in person.

  7. You’re Funny says:

    Unless she has a stand in
    I’ve seen Amber about 5 different times today at the county
    And see her everyday.
    Did Becky call Amber? How did that conversation go?

  8. MISSING. Lancaster’ County Treasurer

    Amber Martin ( Age 35 )
    is never at work
    in her office
    What are we Paying this woman to do
    stay on a constant Vacation?
    We know she didn’t care enough about her job that she was
    so called elected to do
    The job was pretty much handed to her
    No Republican ran on the ticket against
    Amber Martin

    No Republican

    Maybe this explains why Amber Martin Lancaster’ County Treasury never Insured /or Bonded our tax dollars
    A year after Amber Martin and her husband State Senator Scott Martin took office
    our property taxes went up because of the
    waste / Favors ? Scott Martin.

    Senator Scott Martin
    worked for a lobbyist before taking his Senate Seat
    Still doing favors for that lobbyist Scott Martin
    You -were -picking up a Pay check from Him
    The Lobbyist

    Amber Martin again never at work. MISSING
    But we know she’s OK
    she constantly is cashing her pay checks

    That we the people pay her. FOR NO WORK

    Amber Martin
    she is not qualified.
    she doesn’t care.
    she doesn’t show up to. work.
    she doesn’t know what she’s doing

    But she DOES DOES cash Her paycheck for no performance

    That is a waste of our tax dollars.

    Missing – Lancaster’ County Treasurer

  9. huh? says:

    Maybe I’m missing something but why is this case being heard in Philadelphia county and not Lancaster county?