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    Posted on August 7th, 2018 Becky 6 comments



         Wow! Married elected officials pushing to be in control of our tax dollars. Sounds like the fox guarding the hen house.
    A comment posted on Lancaster Online under the story, “State Sen. Scott Martin, county treasurer Amber Martin, push tax collector bill in Harrisburg hearing,” (click here).    
         So, LNP and Caucus editor, Tom Murse, did you check the bonds your office received for Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Martin? Did you?
         You see, when she was elected treasurer her name was Amber Green. Remember that, Tom? So shouldn’t there be a bond in the name of “Amber Green?”
         Maybe your new and recent college graduate reporter, Carter Walker,  who received the bonds and wrote the story, “Lancaster County treasurer secures insurance to collect municipal taxes,”  doesn’t know (click here)!
         Why wouldn’t he know, Tom? Because you never told the public that State Senator Scott Martin married Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Green after both got divorces (Scott secretly for the second time) and she took his name and became Amber Martin!
         It gets messy when you withhold information from the public, doesn’t it, Tom? Your own reporters might not know important facts like there should be a bond in the name of Amber Green!
         Are you going to do some relentless independent investigative reporting to find out why there is a missing bond, Tom, and tell the public why they are not protected?
         To be continued: Why didn’t Tom tell the public about Scott and Amber?



          Two decades ago, developers asked to invest in downtown Lancaster might have replied, “Why should I?”
          Today the answer is more likely to be, “Why not?”
          Thanks largely to hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in the past dozen or so years, center city has been transformed from an ailing area to an appealing one.
    The opening sentences to the LNP article by Tim Mekeel, “East King Street building to be next downtown structure to be redeveloped,” (click here).
         Is this a news article or an ad for downtown Lancaster and LNP’s Marriott Hotel?



    1. More spin for A Shitty Authentic.

    2. A fact: neck beards do NOT hide chub.

    3. Did some checking and it turns out none of the elected officials ‘commissioners controller, prothy, clerk courts’ were bonded under the policy they think covers them. I heard it from from the controllers office. County screwed up and my guess is some employee will take the heat.

    4. The Caucus has plenty to investigate right here at home, let alone in Harrisburg.

      Will LNP ever investigate????

    5. Well. No. Actually they won’t. Too newspapery.

    6. Please somebody
      Check out those foreclosures
      I heard the same thing
      About Amber Martin

      Senator Scott Martin
      And Lancaster County Treasury Amber Martin
      Should not be working For the same county
      Should They?
      That will definitely Lead
      to corruption

      Amber and Scott Martin live on Red Hill Road. Pequea PA. Is Pequea in Lancaster’ county

      didn’t Senator Scott Martin
      Use our tax dollars
      To bail out the Marriott Convention Center
      That Lancaster Newspaper owns
      Another example of how Martin operates
      Using tax dollars for favors.
      ( FOR THEM the Martin’s )
      So Lancaster’ newspaper will not do negative stories on them ( The Martin’s)
      This Explains how Scott and Amber Martin get by with all of their corruption
      Just like Scott Martin Is
      B.F.F with

      ( Craig Stedman.) Lancaster’s’ District Attorney
      Craig you better be careful Martin will Use you
      then lose you as soon as you Cannot benefit him
      just like he did with
      Sheriff Mark Reese

      Scott Martin sister was under the influence of HEROIN She was driving the car that Caused a fatal car accident that killed 2 people and hospitalized 1 Martin sister was never charged
      thanks to her brother
      And his connection to the District Attorney
      Any body else would still be setting in jail
      ( It’s called Vehicular homicide ) Driving Under the influence of a narcotic

      Amber Martin Did not protected our tax dollars Millions $$ No bonds
      No insurance
      And then tries to postdate a bond With the wrong information
      Wrong dates wrong address wrong last name
      But just like her husband
      it will be forgotten

      Congratulations Martin’s
      You are the most unqualified Corrupt People In Lancaster Politics.

      You both are so so
      busy Lining your own pockets. But never in your Offices Working

      Please somebody take up a petition to force Amber Martin to
      ( RESIGN )
      Enough is Enough