*** – ** – * THE FINAL STRAW?

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l***  As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, apparently there will be a live-stream at 3:00 pm today to explain all this. I just hope I understand it. And I will not be buying a $15 mug!


**  On a more serious note, Justin Perry (MR 17 5 40) allegedly “caught” a child predator in Leola last night and you can go to his Facebook page to watch the video. But what happens from here? Did they call the police? What happens beside this alleged predator’s face being up on a Facebook page that several thousand may see?



*    This is just clever. LNP on their Facebook page asked for back-to-school photos from their readers. They got these two great responses:



     Some random “as seen on the internet” things will be coming today.
     First – this has to be one of the most incredibly stupid things I have seen in years! It shows a complete lack of any comprehension of what the straw issue is about. And what about the LIPS that have been on your fork and spoon? Oh, my heavens! Astonishing! A public health issue, LOL! (And Harper will threaten to sue me in 3…2…1!)

3 Responses to *** – ** – * THE FINAL STRAW?

  1. Ohwellist says:

    Huh-After he outs these guys we all can watch out for them and spread the word regardless if police wants to do something or not. He doesnt need his own show to air them out. Hes been doing damn good without a show. People worldwide are watching his lives on fb. Him wishing for street justice to come down on this guy is a little far fetched. And why does he have to have had some type of experience of abuse himself? We need more people like this. Why are u so bothered and curious about him doing what he does? IMHO only people that are worried about being exposed will have a issue with what hes doing.

  2. WTF? says:

    You’re right Becky, straws for the handicapped will always be available. They’re called something like “extended liquid consumption drinking device” and the handicap persons insurance company is billed $300.00 each due to their needed longer length.:-) that’s already the case.

  3. huh? says:

    I wonder what the underlying story is that compels Mr 17 5 40. Aspirations to be a sex crimes detective? Abused himself at a young age? A relative who was abused?

    I can understand why he wants to out these predators but he doesn’t have a TV show and certainly the police are not loving what he is doing.

    I too wonder what he is trying to accomplish. Sure, he wants to out these guys but after he does, what’s next? I don’t think the cops will touch any more of his catches after the last debacle. Is he looking for street justice to come down on this guy? IMHO, Mr 17 5 40 is playing with fire and someone’s going to get burnt.