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     According to Richard Musser today by voicemail – his auntie who is an attorney and called me at 10:44 pm last night (I hung up on her) is coming after me! Oh, no! I’m packing my bags and preparing to leave town – not!
     Actually, I’m just taking the afternoon off! LIP News will be back tomorrow.



*    I hope the LNP Editorial Board warned the Millersville University President about the blatant racism he and his family will face in Lancaster (oh, and in the LNP offices too!).
      There is this recent example (click here for the original and the video):



CNN (click here)


Please check back later today.

6 Responses to * STANDING UP TO TRUMP!

  1. Ohwellist says:

    Wondering which Richard Musser in Lancaster….

  2. huh? says:

    Not sure if it is the same guy. Would Martin have worked for an obese individual who tries to hide it with a neck beard?

  3. Times up! says:

    Richard Musser &
    Scott Martin

    Becky isn’t
    Richard Musser
    The ( LOBbYIST ) that
    Scott Martin.
    work for right before
    he took his Senate Seat ?