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    I’ll say it one last time: There are billions of websites on the world-wide web. If you don’t like this one, don’t come here. I’ve been doing this for 14 years: I know crazy and I know stalkers all too well. Don’t try it here!
    Tomorrow – back to the “real” news!

*   The first time I wrote about Richard Musser was in December of last year and it is below and the original is here.
     There have been three phone calls this afternoon. Do not threaten me again! There are literally billions of websites on the world-wide web. If you don’t like this one – then don’t come here.




 From left to right – Muraro, Musser and Gillhoolley.

     I would like to thank LNP President Caroline Muraro and Social Media Manager Andrea Gillhoolley for allowing the below comment from my obsessed and violent stalker, Richard Musser, to stay up on Lancaster Online for three weeks. It breaks every one of your commenting guidelines.
     It is posted under the “article” by Muraro, “LancasterOnline launches digital subscription service: A message from LNP’s president,” (click here).
     I have an idea, Caroline – since you need money so badly maybe you could fire all of your attorneys and hire Musser as your legal consultant!  Actually, if you are worried about a woman in Philadelphia typing on a laptop with your 80 plus editorial staff in your multi-million dollar building then you have bigger problems than even Richard Musser can solve!
     I’m still waiting for that “cease & desist letter,” Caroline, but Musser will certainly be getting one from me.

To be continued…


  1. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    As a stalking victim myself and the former next door neighbor of a stalking victim who has fled Manor Township permanently out of fear for her and her family’s life, I have yet to meet or talk to a single law enforcement official in Lancaster County, including D.A. Craig Stedman, numerous assistant d.a.’s, and – at least – four judges,who understand what stalking is, how to recognize it, how to prevent it, how to stop it, how it impacts every single aspect of the victim’s life, and the permanent, lasting and unending harm the stalker -and the failures of the “system” – causes to the victim. In my case, anyway, either the stalker is so manipulative and such a good liar he has managed to fool police, prosecutors AND judges, or there is somethink else at work here. And if police in Lancaster County are that ignorant and ill-informed, then the info on stranger-on-stranger stalking on the PA State Police website – and all its associated links – should be required reading for the officials named above. How many red flags have to be flown? Stalkers do not take No! for an answer. That is their hallmark. In my case, I was sure that, once my stalker snuck back into the courtroom after being ordered sequestered (and I had to let the judge know he snuck back in), that would FINALLY be the end of it. I was wrong. (Which doesn’t happen often.)

  2. lynn says:

    I just stumbled on your website not too long ago and i am obsessed with it! This last post you wrote to Richard is amazing! Looking forward to see how this all shakes guess is he’s going to drop it soon. Keep up the great reporting!

    • Becky says:

      To the woman who identified herself as a relative of Richard and called me at 10:44 pm last night, please be advised not to call me at that hour again!

  3. Rednek says:

    Well….it’s been over three weeks since LNP instituted their ‘pay to read’ policy. I wonder how that is working out for them?? How many
    new’ subscribers have they attracted? How many ‘new’ advertisers have they attracted? How many ‘clicks’ have they lost?

    Will LNP ever tell us?????

  4. huh? says:

    So he is emailing you in the afternoon? If he works, that would be from his place of work I’ll guess. Wonder if his boss knows?

  5. galty says:

    That’s the point is LNP suggesting that I cant read any American newspapers because of the DATA protection law.

  6. galty says:


    Just goggled LNP on line and got the same message.

    You might what to ask them Why

  7. galty says:

    My first thought it was Markle.

    But it might just be his Boy Friend.

  8. huh? says:

    I read this and of course looked at his facebook page. He posts stories and “quotes” from the LNP’s front page all the time. Does that mean that he is “guilty” of the same thing he accuses you of?

    Didn’t realize you had a new insaniac biting at your heels, Becky. You sure got his attention. Did you post something that burnt his petunias? 🙂

  9. galty says:

    Interesting when I clicked on the link you gave to LNP got this message.

    451: Unavailable due to legal reasons

    We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted at this time. For any issues, contact or call (717) 291-8611.