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    Posted on August 26th, 2018 Becky 3 comments


    *     Before I forget, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tony Dastra of the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here). As noted yesterday, he did a live-stream and said today is his birthday. He believes in transparency and open government! There will be more next week on his plans.



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          Unbelievable! Why wasn’t this caught years ago? And why don’t Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Martin and County Coroner Stephen Diamantoni (both pictured above) just resign? Resign today!


    3 responses to “* RESIGN MARTIN & DIAMANTONI!”

    1. Now at least we know why Diamontoni was not very interested in following up on the unclaimed remains.

      He had much bigger fish to fry

    2. Narcissism and Thief’s

      There is a lot more information out there about Amber Martin and her business Woo Cats
      The fastest growing number one fraud Cases
      is in HOA’s. (Google it)
      For them to keep and pocket your money

      Amber and Scott Martin Use their Political positions to get contract’s to make homeowners or HOA to think they are dealing with Honest Trustworthy Professional Educated people ( They are not )
      But I do know for a fact there’s information that will be coming out about her business.
      And it is -not good-
      she’s a hack and a fraud
      And Scott Martin is a part of it
      I have a friend that said before. Amber got involved in politics She Used to baby sit for a 1/2 dozen of kids in her home and called that a business
      On her old Face book page
      She claims she had A-day care business she was Nothing more then a
      baby sitting For extra Tax write offs ?

      Amber Martin
      not getting insurance or bonds on our tax dollars
      and then tries to back date a bond /insurance

      Becky. On your website (bonds.) On August the 6th
      Said he work for an insurance company for 20 years. And you cannot back date a bond so how did Amber Martin do that
      (Ida.) Pointed out there was wrong information on that back dated bond
      the wrong address
      you said the wrong last name………… and more lies

      So Amber Martin Lancaster County Treasurer does not take out insurance or bonds on our tax dollars then tries to back date a
      bond /insurance with the wrong information
      that should be illegal
      I wish I could back date insurance on my house
      To benefit me if needed
      it’s illegal. correct
      So why is she getting by with this stuff

      A person comment that she’s hanging on to Foreclosures
      For long periods of time
      I agree with that comment
      I heard that she is buying up Foreclosures for profit in her mother/family’s Names
      Wow what else is going to come out about these
      2 people.
      The Martin’s

    3. What’s new

      Becky, thank you for pointing out the article in Lancaster’ online
      Wow Carter Walker
      Did a fantastic job Investigating Lancaster’ County Treasurer Amber Martin and friends
      But he only scratched the surface
      Thank God for you and reporters like Carter
      That exposes these corrupt politicians
      Nothing will happen unless this information gets to (Harrisburg District Attorney) or to the. Governor Tom Wolf.
      Or Call the F.B.I. Tips Hotline

      To your readers please read this article they also posted documents

      Becky I hope you do a follow up report on this story