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     The below is a post on the “Lancaster Stands Up” Facebook page. The event page for the Town Hall, sponsored by the City Of Lancaster and others, is here.

—  Thursday, August 23 from 6:30 pm to 8 pm.
—  Location: Bright Side Opportunities Center, 515 Hershey Avenue.



LNP’s lead story online today.

     And yet, LNP did not say a word about the above horrific injustice that just occurred in July (click here for the original on this site).

     And this online headline is deceptive. The headline in today’s print edition of LNP on page A-3 makes it clear:

     They are not “reviewing” the case – they have reviewed it and it’s over and from the article:
     “We reviewed our case to ensure that nothing was missed,” said Rick Trunfio, first assistant district attorney.
     “We determined nothing was missed. This baby’s case here was not a homicide,” he told LNP Thursday.


  1. Hi Becky, I wanted to share this news with you and your readers. In our next book we will reveal the true names of our abusers. Thank you again for all you do. Continue the fight.

    I am so honored and proud to say that, Clara Balcacer-Colon and I will be working on the next book together. We will reveal in documents how the JUSTICE SYSTEM FAILED US AND HOW IT CONTINUES TO FAIL OTHER SURVIVORS.

  2. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    Wow. Talk about “hijacking a thread”. Lol

  3. WTF? says:

    Notice the “conservatives” go after every union except the municipal workers and police? If the two weren’t so inextricably connected pretty sure they’d crush the municipal workers union and leave Police alone. Why? Because they need the police to hold down their own neighbors while the “conservative’s” campaign donors pick their pocket. Traitors.

  4. WTF? says:

    Martin…his “principles” seem to shift depending on what’s in his own best interest. Conservative my ass. Swamp monster’s more like it. He’ll fit right in with the D.C. crowd.

  5. Times up! says:

    Becky It is on Scott Martin’s Facebook page
    I will try to send you His post

  6. Times up! says:

    Wake up Lancaster’

    Becky. – Scott Martin is going to be on
    Face the State on CBS 21 this Sunday morning at 8:30. With Rob Hanrahan
    Do you think they’re going to ask him any hard questions ( 1) Like
    his sister was driving a vehicle that killed 2 people and hospitalized a child
    She was high on heroin and walked away with no charges. Thanks to her brother and his crooked friend connection
    (2) His own bill that he produced in June to help his wife gain more power over our tax dollars and eliminate the tax collectors from election ballots
    (3) any questions ask About His wife Lancaster’ County Treasurer Amber Martin not Protecting our tax dollars with no bonds or insurance and then She trying to cover it up with a fake bond with the wrong information Wrong last name Wrong dates and address
    My God the list goes on and on
    The Bill for protesters freedom of speech
    His stupid hands in the pipeline cookie jar
    Bailing out Lancaster’ newspapers convention center with our tax dollars
    Do you think they might mention a town Hall meeting of Martin pointing his finger in a woman’s face and calling her a liar it’s on tape
    Yes the Corrupt List continues
    you know the list better than anybody else
    Becky you are the only one reporting on this piece of Sh– the short time he has been in office
    look at all of the money (Our tax dollars)
    he has spent
    For example look at the school taxes That’s why our property Texts went up. I hope that they ask him some hard questions on Sunday The only thing this man has done in office
    Is to show up At different events to promote his self
    And spend our tax dollars
    No accountability