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    Posted on August 6th, 2018 Becky 6 comments


         …“We want to create a department that looks more like the community we serve,” Berkihiser said.
         … Just nine of the 136 officers live within city limits.
    From the June 6, 2018 LNP article, “Lancaster city police, seeking diverse recruits, step up outreach efforts,” (click here).
         They have been saying that for years and yet, over and over again, we have the below from August 3rd on this site (click here for the original)! Who will call these liars out? There will be much more tomorrow.

    ***  I forgot to include that Perry tells Blas that he is currently on probation so the fact that no bail has been set on the new charges and he is free is even stranger!



    **   “Team Loyalty,” Tony Blas, was on Good Morning America this morning and you can watch his segment here. He does exactly what Justin Perry does and the reason I bring this up, besides the coincidence, is that Blas had a live Facebook feed yesterday and at about 20 minutes in he talks with Perry and Perry says his phone was “clean” when he gave it to Lancaster Detectives.
         Again, Perry has been charged with two felonies including having child pornography on his phone and yet bail has not been set and he is currently free.
         The live Facebook feed with Blas and Perry is here. Please note there is explicit and vulgar language.

    *    In the strange and never ending saga of $60 million missing dollars, Christine C. Shubert, in her capacity as Chapter 7 Trustee for Worley & Obetz, Inc., filed a “lis pendens” action against the owners of 10 properties in the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas on August 3rd (see below the property list).
         That means they want the turnover of the properties to the bankruptcy estate.   
         The properties are:
    —  211 S. Charlotte St., Manheim
    —  55 Doe Run Rd., Manheim
    —  1075 White Oak Rd., Manheim
    —  35 Doe Run Rd., Manheim
    —  535 Stiegel Valley Rd., Manheim
    —  202 Greenfield Rd., Lancaster
    —  149 Doe Run Rd., Manheim
    —   45 Doe Run Rd., Manheim
    —   62 Doe Run Rd., Manheim
    —   41 Doe Run Rd., Manheim



         …In response to a Right-to-Know request, LNP received a copy of two bonds in Martin’s name issued July 18.
         One was for $500,000 and covered Jan. 4, 2016, through June 30, 2018. The second was for $1 million and covers July 1 of this year through Jan. 3 of 2020, which would be the end of Martin’s first term.
    From today’s LNP story, “Lancaster County treasurer secures insurance to collect municipal taxes,” (click here).
         Yes, I received the bonds on Friday as well. The first page of the two bonds are below. Question: Is $500,000 and $1 million enough? And there’s another major problem: Martin didn’t marry State Senator Scott Martin until March 10, 2017. Shouldn’t there also be a bond in the name of Amber Green?




    1. I worked in insurance for 20 yrs. You cannot back date a bond. That means when the county increased the bond limit the bond agent also updated her name on the original bond and had her sign off on the updated name change in order to issue a new bond certificate with the changes. That’s standard procedure. Which makes the article even more confusing since the original bond is dated 2016.

    2. And she didn’t live at Red Hill Road until September 2016.

    3. Gee…………I wonder when LNP will investigate this???

    4. Treasurer office needs to be audited
      And use auditors from external company like OWC

    5. Criminal Intent

      Amber Martin Lancaster’ County Treasurer
      You know what they say


      1st she doesn’t take out bonds or insurance on our tax dollar


      Then she tries to
      -post date -a bond to
      TRY to cover up

      Wrong -dates.
      Wrong -last name
      Wrong- address
      Very very shady
      Do I have this correct

      Becky -somebody needs to take a closer look at those. -foreclosures-
      Amber Martin has made statements in the past
      That she was going to buy up Foreclosures in her family’s name
      Rent them out for profit then sell them. for profit
      In the family member —‘names—

      The family member would get Money for taking out loans in their name
      I would take a closer look at Amber Martin’s

      A couple of months ago on this website there was a person called
      I think I hope

      ( legally blonde. )
      Becky I am sure you remember the post

      She made a statement that Amber Martin
      Uses our tax dollars
      To buy her employees expensive desk chairs
      Brings in massage therapist to massage Martin’s employees. And Martin
      Has Friday luncheons brought in
      Blows a horn when Amber Martin’s employees reach a goal Which is very disturbing to the other departments. In that area that are actually working
      Amber Martin puts up posters all over her office
      I guess for motivation
      Martin takes Her employees to dinner celebrates birthdays and other holidays
      on our tax dollars. $$

      This shows the waste
      And Amber Martin is not qualified for her position
      She acts like a 5 year old and treats her department like a kindergarden garden class
      You don’t need to motivate your employees
      Mrs. Martin that’s what their pay checks is for
      ( that we Paid them )
      Not you This is not your private company
      This departments are paid for by us the tax pair

      Thank you Becky for not letting another story about Amber and Scott Martin just get swooped under the carpet

    6. I will report this to the attorney general as a precaution
      Something is not right
      “is this back to the future”?