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*    This is unbelievable. WGAL at 4:00 had a piece on Thomas Wise and an interview with Justin Perry and never once mentioned that Perry has been charged as well! 


     I immediately thought of this phenomenon last night when I heard Justin Perry was charged with having child pornography on his phone. Is that fair? Probably not.
     But why does he do what he does? What is his motivation? How does he earn a living? He’s had run-ins with the law before.
     Why is he out of jail with no bail apparently set? He is charged with two felonies.
     LIP News will follow this case.


**   The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office and police departments in the county strongly advise citizens against confronting individuals they feel have or are committing crimes. Please contact your local police department in such a situation.
These sentences are included in the police press release about Wise (click here).


*     This is the man, Thomas H. Wise, that Justin Perry confronted on the viral video and is credited with getting him charged with multiple felonies. Click here for the PennLive story.



     Justin Perry, who is on Facebook as “Mr 17 5 40,” and had a viral video last week for “outing” a 35-year-old man who went to meet what he thought was a 15-year-old girl in Lancaster has himself been charged (see the charges above from his docket sheet and watch his video “explaining” the charges here).



     These are the four new officers who were sworn in as Lancaster City Police Officers on June 28th (click here for more photos). Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser is to the left and Mayor Danene Sorace is on the right. What happened to the desperate need to diversify this force? This is an outrage! This is disgusting! This is unacceptable!


  1. Lang Kisster says:

    His actions were an embarrassment to police departments throughout “the Valley”. He can’t control what people send him. He was set up and needs a real good lawyer.

  2. Ohwellist says:

    Diversify my @ss!!!

  3. Ohwellist says:

    Yes he handed over his phone cooperated with them. They planted that in his phone for outting the sheriffs fam. This is nothing new in Lancaster this is how they do protecting their own. Not only that if you go to his page and read comments thru out other vids someone is commenting saying he waa asked to quit investigating this issue by police and he hasnt stopped. They either planted this info into his phone to get message across to him & scare him into stopping or they used same info that is in his phone from convos. He was getting to close and would of ended up exploiting someone down here that holds a position like judges & people high places that are sleeping with children. This touched home and someone needs it to stop asap before they get exposed. Smh sick! This is nothing new.

  4. Lang Kisster says:

    Hmmmmm. He’s outing pedophiles and all of a sudden gets charged with possession of kiddie porn on his phone. Naaah. That doesn’t sound like a set up.

  5. Johnny Drago says:

    He was set up.
    He’s been doing the cops job and now they wanna remove him

  6. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    I am not clear as to what, exactly, he is charged with, and why. But I did say that would happen. It sounds like he freely handed over his phone in an attempt to help investigators and it does not appear that he was mirandized. The criminal use of a communications facility must be for images on the phone probably sent to him by one of these perverts. The female deputy is a mandated reporter AND a sworn public servant who was “on break”. Where are HER charges? He needs a good lawyer – NOT a public defender – and a LOT of public support/outrage. I feel bad for him. Next time, NEVER talk to police. About ANYTHING. No good ever comes from it. Ever.

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