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     …The offense date listed on Perry’s criminal docket is July 20, the day after he said he filmed his encounter with Wise.
     Asked why Perry was charged, city police on Friday referred all questions to district attorney’s office, which declined to confirm that Perry was the adult posing as the 15-year-old or to comment on his case.
From the LNP story, “Man captured in Facebook video being accused of soliciting sex from ‘girl’ charged,” (click here).      

Detective Heather Halstead who filed the false charges.

     Justin Perry (MR 17 54 0) is back! Yes, he went on Facebook live early this afternoon to show off his new “predator phone” and he also said this (click here):
     …I got some shit going on. I can’t even talk about it yet. It’s gonna get good. Just wait – just wait for it ’cause it’s coming.”
     Hopefully, he means he is going to alert the State Attorney General’s Office to what went on in his “case” and sue the Lancaster City Police.
     The Lancaster City Police and the DA’s office filed two false felonies against him to “scare” him and “teach him a lesson.” They never intended to follow through on the charges – they never even had Perry arraigned or bail set and then they quietly went in and withdrew the charges.
     And that is illegal and a blatant abuse of the legal system. And the officers involved and DA Stedman should resign.
     This level of corruption and abuse of power in Lancaster County has been going on for years because LNP looks the other way. And it’s time these officials are held accountable and fired for breaking the law themselves!


  1. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    Huh? Where’ve you been? Dont you know that Stedman Walking has been at the forefront of the animal abuse/puppy mill nightmare that DEFINES Lancaster County? Just look at the highly politicized way he fired the animal control officer (for no good reason) or how he was right in the forefront of Libre’s Law (because he would have looked even worse if he hid from that, even though it happened in Lanc County and the bill was introduced by lawmakers from outside of Lancaster County. There is only one individual who could put an end to puppy mills TODAY if they wanted to. ONE PERSON could end that suffering in a heartbeat. Craig Stedman. Instead, he will not lift a finger to stop it. What does that tell you?

  2. Lang Kisster says:

    huh? The law doesn’t apply to Amish.

  3. huh? says:

    WTF, well, if that is the case and the police officer saw child pornography on his phone then it makes sense why he was arrested.

    But, after that… seemed like a very swift and fast and furious action on the part of the DA to charge him. It sounds, if you are correct, that he or his lawyer were able to explain the situation and the charges were dropped.

    Now, on the other hand, half dead dogs and dead dogs and abused animals in puppy mills are not enough proof for the DA to immediately charge the mill owner. How many weeks go by with the paper saying that they “don’t have a name” of the mill owner. Of course they could get in a car and go to the mill and take the name off of the mailbox. But that would require initiative.

  4. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    Becky, I was convicted of “defiant trespass” for allegedly mowing a lawn on 7/12/17 in “defiance” of a No Trespassing sign. When we got to court, the prosecutor noticed the date on the sign was 7/13/17, so he/she altered it and the “victim” lied about it under oath. Stedman promised he would assign a detective to “investigate”. As best as I can tell, they are investigating how to save the a.d.a.’s law license, as no one has contacted me.The “victim” wanted $4.00 in restitution, which I offered to pay prior to the trial, and the D.A.’s office refused. The record sent to the appellate court has been remanded twice because the county doesnt know how to redact a SSN,the case has already cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars even though the victim’s chief complaint was I mowed his grass “too short”. Why? You ask? Who knows? Maybe the prosecutor needed the practice. Any normal guy would have offered to mow the lawn FOR me, not have me prosecuted. Guess it’s who you know, here. I know no one.

  5. WTF? says:

    Comments below the article by Jai sai explain. Says he had stuff on his phone someone sent him. Hope he reported that sicko too. I don’t think he should have been charged, but if he didn’t delete that garbage, guess he left himself in jeopardy.