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     Today’s LNP editorial is titled, “Backing civil statute of limitations reform would be the best way bishops could help child sexual abuse victims,” (click here).
      I encountered and was defeated by the statute of limitations when I sued my parents years ago. And I wrote about it (click here and most of the legal documents are on the original LIP News site).
      I don’t go back to the incest story often – but in looking this morning for the statute of limitations piece this was also there. This simply amazes me every time I read it!


     For instance, Plaintiff’’s father, who is an anthropologist, was occasionally out of the country during her childhood. It is important for him to know when the alleged events took place so that he can ascertain his own whereabouts at the time Plaintiff contends he was at home in Lancaster engaging in child abuse.”
(From the Brief of Appellees filed with the Superior Court on January 6, 2005.)
     I sent this letter to a friend regarding the above: ““What a howl! I guess 365 days a year for 18 years wasn’’t enough time. And it wasn’’t “child abuse” it was sexual abuse/incest. My father may have been out of the country once before I was 18. He went to Africa for several weeks to visit my brother who was living there. That is the only time I remember him being “out of the country” let alone out of the state! The anthropologist part is ironic on so many levels. I gather anthropologists don’’t molest their children and occasionally travel out of the country. My father sat in a chair and drank beer and said, ‘‘Men are the hunters and gatherers.’’ They are grasping at straws on this one.””
     Perhaps my father should look up the definition of anthropologist. They study cultures and families. Apparently he doesn’’t think it odd that his one son is a pedophile who molested his other 13 year-old son and his “foster” son. Apparently he doesn’’t think it odd that two of his daughters, both in their fifties, have never married and rarely dated. Apparently he doesn’’t think it odd that I have to worry that my own brother may have molested my son. He’’s not an anthropologist;– he’’s a criminal.



     City Councilwoman Janet Diaz has a petition on Change.org regarding Roberto Clemente Park (click here).