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    Posted on July 19th, 2018 Becky 11 comments


         I am speechless that this is LNP’s lead story online (click here)! Their lead story. And no, LNP reporter Tom Knapp, it could not happen here because Lancaster County woodchucks are smart enough to know that it is summer and people plant gardens and these woodchucks can chuck as many of your veggies as they damn well please! And veggies taste far better than car wires! Everyone, including your basic Lancaster County woodchuck, knows that. And that’s the truth!




         There’s not one mention of MAW Communications and LanCity Connect in your article about the bond rating, LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher (click here). Why not? That’s over $5 million dollars down the drain!
         Where is that money, Tim? What happened to the $1.5 million the city loaned MAW, Tim? Are they paying the city back? Don’t you think the public has a right to know? Isn’t that your job, Tim?
    Please check back later today.


    11 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE – WHERE’S THE MONEY, TIM?”

    1. Very very concerned and upset
      Becky This is disturbing
      If Amber Martin’s not smart enough to take out insurance on taxpayer
      Money — Millions —
      Maybe there’s a reason for that How much money is missing I think it’s time for somebody to go in there and audit the tax department and find out If there is any missing money from our tax funds
      If she can miss manage that
      what else has she mismanaged
      And to blame it on the man that ran the tax department Prior to her justifies what she’s has done
      always an escape goat right Her excuse is like
      ( Yes I robbed the corner store but that man robbed It 1st ) Amber Martin
      Has been Lancaster’ county treasurer for what 3 going on 4 years now
      Please somebody find out how much money is missing from our tax dollars

    2. We’d the people deserve better

      It’s time for Justice to be served

      Why are we not Demanding these two
      to resign from office

      Wow Wow

      The scandals around these 2 people

      The Martin’s are both always tied up into some kind of controversy

      Scott Martin

      Protester controversion

      Hands in the pipeline cookie jar Controversy

      5 million dollars Controversy on the water funds.

      Freedom of speech controversy

      Demanding special Treatment for his sister when she was high on heroin that killed her husband and Son In a car accident she was driving
      Sister never charged

      Sheriff Mark Reese Controversy
      REESE used to be
      Scott Martin’s best friend When Martin was commissioner
      Reese endorsed Martin for Senator
      Look at Martin’s endorsement list When he was running for Senator

      Scott Martin and Amber Martin’s. (affair ) Scandal

      Amber Martin
      Lancaster’ county Treasury Not protecting our tax dollars big controversy

      ( God The list goes on and on and On
      Too many to mention )

      the Martin’s are never in their office. The tax pairs are paying for a constant vacation. Always absent never showing up to work
      They work for us
      We pay their salaries
      It’s time to say your fired

      no one Is better to talk about this then Becky
      Thank you Becky
      For keeping us informed

      I am aware of a new story that will be unfolding shortly
      That makes these scandals Look minor.

    3. I agree. This Pretzel Republic needs some serious outside investigating by people with authority to act, who are not connected with the High’s, the Steinman’s. Lancaster Country Club and the Hamilton Club.

    4. barry in winnipeg

      About this whole internet provider fiasco…when I worked for the County as a caseworker, my supervisor would go over every receipt for expenses down to and including my fifty cent parking fees, yet the City of Lancaster loans a truck load of cash to an outfit that can’t even stretch string from tin cans to tin cans, and the Tax Collector doesn’t insure the taxes as she is required to do. Maybe it’s time to get the water tested to see if there’s something there that has driven local government over the edge? Or has your President allowed Putin to field test a Deception Ray on good old Dutchie County? This expat wonders…

    5. The pieces are falling into place

      Becky are you aware of the article that
      (Lancaster’ Online )
      did on June the 20th
      2018. Article by
      Sam. JANESCH.

      Martin Lead the hearing on his own bill Martin’s wife testified in support of Martin’s ideal
      Martin’s bill
      Would allow tax collectors to be removed from Election Ballots

      The county treasurer could then take over property tax collections
      Martin’s wife Amber Martin testified
      They did not mention that Amber Martin was Scott Martin’s. Wife
      The article continues with more interesting facts
      Why would these 2
      Want to eliminate tax collectors from ballots
      What are they up to

      Now they have their hands in the tax payers cookie jar
      Just like the pipeline

    6. Actually, if we’re thinking of the same article and I think we are, Janesch did state they were husband and wife. I was even going to comment about it on here because it’s the first and only time they mentioned it and out of nowhere they were suddenly husband and wife!

    7. State Sen. Scott Martin, R-Martic Township, led the hearing on his own bill. Several municipal tax collectors expressed opposition to the plan while school business officers and county-level officials — including Martin’s wife, Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Martin — testified in support.

      It is the first and only time I know of that LNP has reported they are husband and wife!

      State Sen. Scott Martin, county treasurer Amber Martin, push tax collector bill in Harrisburg hearing

    8. When Lancaster Stands Up is done with Smucker I hope they turn their attention on Scott Martin. Martin and his chief of staff already verbally attacked Michelle Hines on camera.


    10. What in the he!! is going on in Lancaster?? The whole dang city is corrupt!

    11. Ohwellist: “County”.