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    Posted on July 26th, 2018 Becky 5 comments


    From the LNP story, “Food Dude: Lancaster Burger Company, Dough Heads Waffles and Rotirrito round out the best food trucks in Lancaster,” (click here).
         As noted on this site on July 12th, the “Food Dude,” Dustin Leed, went to the Reading Eagle ahead of LNP’s paywall disaster (see below and click here for the original). You should have found another “food dude” or canned the series, LNP! What an embarrassment!


         …Since then, Worley & Obetz’s attorney and the company’s primary lender, Fulton Bank, have explicitly accused Lyons [former CEO Jeffrey Lyons] of fraud. He has not been criminally charged.
         What’s not publicly known is how the alleged fraud was conducted and how it went undetected until recently.
    From today’s LNP story, “Worley & Obetz’s financial wreckage: $60M more in liabilities than assets,” (click here).        
         Where is Jeffrey Lyons? This is ridiculous! LNP should have a reporter sitting outside his house day and night 24/7. Seriously! 



    1. LNP has reported that it is believed more than one person was involved in the fraud. They have also reported that the bankruptcy trustee is proposing to hire the firm’s former CFO. Why would the former CFO be hired when it is alleged the financials were fixed and that possibly more than one person was involved in the fraud? It seems to me either the CFO was complicit or asleep at the wheel.

      I am also surprised that Shipley Energy would partner with Seth Obetz before waiting to see how this all shakes out. I hope the trustees or the banks are taking care to secure assets such as customer lists from being taken from the company. Is Shipley using proprietary W&O customer lists to solicit customers?

    2. Anony, you are assuming that all of these folks have half a brain. That would be a dangerous assumption.

      The only one who seems to have a whole brain is Jeffrey Lyons who has dropped off the earth it seems. I figure that the guy is in some country where extradition won’t take place. And if the LNP knows this, you can be sure that they won’t let on or send a reporter to interview him or to scoop everyone. The LNP doesn’t scoop. It snoops. Ask Bill Murry and the rest of the MT School Board. LNP is a regular 007 kind of outfit in Hogan’s Heroes clothes.

    3. Real reporting. LNP?

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