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—  Making some phone calls this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow morning!  —

**   Signatures on the petition are up to 1,966 as of 3:54 pm.

*    The petition to end police brutality in Lancaster is up to 1,085 signatures as of 12:30 pm today (click here).



     When is Lancaster Detective Nathan Nickel going to be charged with assault and witness intimidation?  When? Over 50,000 people have now viewed the video (click here for the full video or see the post immediately below on this site).
     Are the mayor, the DA, the police and LNP going to pretend it didn’t happen? That won’t “work!” It did happen and it’s on video! 
Please check back later today.


  1. Ohwellist says:

    The fastest way to expose something is make it go viral make a facebook under any name if u dont want to use yours. Tag every news top news station around the world. Especially Gm America! We all do the rest online by sharing with others. The more people you expose it to the more pressure it is on whoever is in charge. Definitely do what Becky said more & more people are coming on her webpage daily to read news.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is why I have stopped reading the comments under articles and don’t post in their comment section.

    The police department in Lancaster is a reflection of the bigotry and racism that the commenters display. Along with ignorance of the law and the fact that cops aren’t there to mete out streetside justice.

    I grew up there and have been encouraged to move back. I would never EVER move back. I’ve lived in enough places to know and witness how abhorrent and aberrant the police force is there. How the same families from my childhood are still in power. How generations of Lancastrians are still buying the same crap they’ve been selling for generations. And on and on.

    Oh if only some of these same people could get to see the US like I have and to live somewhere where police forces and people are held to much higher standards and where a few families don’t have a multi-generational stranglehold on the purse strings and the populace.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Calling the state police is a waste if time. Folks think the state police are the ultimate law enforcer and over rule local police which is simply not true. The poster would be better off contacting the state AG office.

  4. Lang Kisster says:

    I’m sure mayor Dickinna has been told to keep her mouth shut.

  5. PaIsCorrupt says:

    Will do, thanks. I figured it out. It is called “official oppression”. Federal crime. Not state.

  6. PAisCORRUPT says:

    I live in Lancaster and I have a question: Since most of the posters on LNP seem to think that the use of a taser was justified because “police were just doing their job” and the man who was tazed – somehow – deserved that because he has a criminal record, and police were “protecting the public”, etc., would those same posters think a police officer should be disciplined or fired if video surfaced of a cop WITNESSING a violent ex-con (male) violating a no-contact order against a female victim – on videotape, right in front of the officer – and refused to charge him?
    If so, where should I post that video so it goes viral? I’d be interested to see what the attitude is to that, as THAT is (also) MY definition of police “not doing their job”.
    P.S. I am not on Facebook and I am currently homeless because I got the no contact order AFTER the male fired at least 10 – 22-caliber bullets into my home, causing thousands of dollars in damage and putting me in imminent fear of my safety.

    • Becky says:

      You have sent in multiple comments regarding this situation. I don’t have a clue what is going on but call the state police. Post it on youtube and send me a link. I believe you are a journalist. Write it up and send it to me.