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    Posted on July 22nd, 2018 Becky 6 comments


    A comment and response under the LNP story linked to in the first post this morning.
     **    Could this be handled any more poorly? What in the world?

    200? NONSENSE!

         …That is what our 200 reporters and correspondents strive to provide every day. By doing so, we help our communities engage in fact-based debates over what is in our best interests.
    Click here for his column today shown at left.
    *     What does Robert Krasne do: Rewrite this exact same “column” every two months? And are those numbers ever inflated! He must be counting “correspondents” who call in once a month to say, “Amos Funk’s cat died today.” They don’t even have a reporter in the courthouse!


         Is this what you will see if you go to Lancaster Online tomorrow? Click here for, “LancasterOnline to launch digital subscription service Monday: A message from LNP’s president.”


    6 responses to “** – * THE PEOPLE DESERVE BETTER!”

    1. Krasne’s picture reminds me of the cat that swallowed the canary.

    2. That’s a typical LNP response. More than ready but they aren’t really ready.

    3. PS If their “firewall” is anything like the Washington Post’s or the NY Times, it will be easy to do a work around.

    4. I guess we know why Dustin Leed, the “Food Dude,” left. I was confused because he was in charge of all digital content for LNP and went to the Reading Eagle where he is “Assistant Managing Editor, Digital Content.” He must of known this was coming and did not think it would do well!

    5. You would think that since they were expanding their digital content etc. that Dustin Leed’s position would have been a very secure job.

    6. OnTheBeachByNoon

      I have a very short memory for liars and dishonesty. After what that paper did to the late Gary Kirchner, who was nothing more than a legitimate news SOURCE for them, I would NEVER trust them with one ounce of MY personal info. I don’t care how they claim they are going to use it. If someone doesn’t like a post underneath a story they would sell your soul to the devil. I guarantee it. Reading their rag just isn’t worth the risk. They say “wouldn’t” when they really mean “would”. No thanks.