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***  From Sports Editor to Deputy Opinion Editor? Hmmm… Will he be easily impressed by Stedman and arrows in the quiver?
     Where is Rich Manieri, the previous Deputy Opinion Editor who was here one day and gone the next? Call me! Let’s talk!


**   Stedman used it again when he empaneled yet another grand jury in 2017 (click here):
     District Attorney Craig Stedman, in an interview, described the use of an investigative grand jury as the “last arrow in the quiver.”




From today’s LNP editorial (click here).

     Oh, please! The old “arrows in the quiver” phrase has been used often by Stedman. It appears to be one of his personal favorites.
     In fact, in this 2011 LNP article by Brett Hambright, now Stedman’s spokesperson, the opening sentence is this:
     A grand jury has been called a prosecutor’s secret weapon, or in the words of Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman, “another arrow in the quiver of law enforcement.”
     I am all a quiver at Stedman’s cleverness – not!



From the front page of today’s LNP’s print edition about their three day series on teen suicide.

     Susan Baldrige has not worked for LNP for months and months! What in the world?

7 Responses to *** – ** – * SHE’S BEEN GONE FOR MONTHS!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wait! Why did he need DNA? In the case of that nurse, he had nothing!

  2. OntheBeachByNoon says:

    Rednek, We don’t. You’re right. That’s why Stedman will never be “Nifonged”. It took the nat’l media to bring pressure to bear in that case.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rich Manieri and Michael Deibert. Both of them actual independent thinkers from what I’ve seen of their bios etc.

    Independent thinking and curious minds are not valued at the LNP. Ask Tom Knapp.

  4. Rednek says:

    Chris Otto????????????? Another prime example of LNP promoting mediocrity. I’m sure the sports department ‘transition’ will be in promoting the assistant……more mediocrity.

    Oh, if we only had a real newspaper.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m not even going to bother to read the editorial. If the newspaper is as stupid about DNA research, DNA matching, gedmatch’s almost ten year existence, I can’t waste my time.

    Interesting though that they fluff up his ego (apparently) when the really BIG STORY is police brutality in Lancaster exposed. That must really piss him off – just when he thinks he has a big national hit with his DNA match, along comes Bernot and his taser.

    People posting nationwide actually think that the DA will do something about that. Funny how it works in regular places. Not in Lancaster. Never.

  6. Anon says:

    Stedman called the news media a “crucible” in his Superior Court resume. Yeah…and he’s the second coming…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps she would be considered a contributor or guest columnist. At least they admit that she is no longer there.