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    Posted on July 30th, 2018 Becky 6 comments


    From the ACLU article, “Kentucky City Uses the Terrorism Excuse to Keep the Details of Its Surveillance Equipment Secret,” (click here).
         Imagine what the ACLU would say about Lancaster City where a private, secretive group owns and operates the cameras and are not subject to Right to Know laws! And the city wants to spend $1 million dollars to buy them new cameras. This is not acceptable and there will be much more coming on this.
          Click here for Patrick Hopkins proposal on this site.

    HE’S SIX!

         Today’s front page headline in the LNP print edition (story not currently online).

         Actually, this is a story about a six-year-old with a snow cone “business.” It may be a nice “human interest” story but this is not front page news (and some may argue his parents are pushing him too hard).
         You cannot expect people to pay for this, LNP! Ridiculous!


    6 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE – NOT FRONT PAGE “NEWS!””

    1. Not a front page story? NOT A FRONT PAGE STORY???? It is for LNP!

    2. This is way off topic….whatever happened to Patches… Anybody know?

    3. The last I know about officer Jon Caple is the temporary PFA was extended for six months until December, he was on desk duty (not permitted to have a gun unless he specifically files for an exemption with the court) and the police were doing an “internal investigation.” I will try to follow-up in the next several days.

    4. Once again, Lancaster under the radar.

    5. PS that’s one thing about ​Southerners. When it comes to privacy, they aren’t sheeple.

    6. Thanks Becky