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Frank Wiczkowski, President of MAW Communications


     This Loan Agreement is executed and entered into on the 25th day of April, 2017, between MAW COMMUNICATIONS, INC., a Pennsylvania corporation (“Borrower”), with a principal address of P.O. Box 978, Reading, Pennsylvania, 19603 and the CITY OF LANCASTER, a Pennsylvania municipal corporation (“Lender”).
From the Loan Agreement signed and notarized and a copy emailed to me on May 9, 2017 by Patrick Hopkins in response to my Right to Know request.
     Has MAW defaulted on their loan? Have they paid the city one penny? Where is “watchdog” LNP?
     The original of “NEED A LOAN?” is here and there will be much more tomorrow.
*    Meanwhile, police are conducting an internal review of another recent arrest — as is standard procedure because it involved the use of force, a spokesman said. The arrest has drawn criticism after a bystander posted video of it online.
From the LNP article linked to below.
     What a lie! The only reason it is being “reviewed” is because it was caught on video and posted online. Do you really think Detective Nate Nickel told the chief he slapped a man’s face into the pavement while he was prone on the ground with his hands handcuffed behind him and it needed to be reviewed? Are these LNP reporters just stupid?



(Click here)

     LNP finally addresses the second police video. There will be more later today.

     And LNP is all about saving children from abuse in today’s editorial (click here). Will they have anything to say about this press release from the DA’s office yesterday (click here)?
     34 years of supervision? This is an outrage. Will LNP have anything to say?


     And on a much lighter note, there is this (click here for his Chellas review)! The “Food Dude” is gone! Dustin Leed now works for the Reading Eagle! He left after at least five tweets (and cake!) in his long goodbye. So why are they still running his series? I guess the film was in the can and LNP cannot afford to toss it? Hmmm…
Please check back later today.


  1. Anon says:

    Becky, Did you see where a Manheim Township school board member went off against LNP in the comments section under a story about school tax hikes? Geli got the number wrong for MT and the poster let ‘m have it for their lame reporting. He was so right. Their big “investagative” “scoop” was a closed door meeting where the district fired an administrator who needed to be fired, using an illegally obtained audiotape, costing taxpayers a ton of money for an “audit” that showed the district did NOT violate sunshine laws. A “story” that affected exactly one person – the idiot who got fired, while libeling a ton of others.
    Meanwhile, there is enough corruption in this county to keep a good newspaper in business for life! TWO Manor Township supervisors (and a judge) abruptly resign in the middle of their terms and NOT A WORD about it in LNP. Penn Manor tax hikes are forcing retirees to MOVE. Nothing in LNP. Obviously they read the comments becuz they corrected the MT numbers. They ARE lame. They don’t need to enterprise. The stories are there for the taking and, instead, they go after Gary Kirchner. And Manheim. And then fire the reporters when they discover they are LAME. How embarrassing.

  2. Lang Kisster says:

    Are LNP reporters stupid you ask. Hmmmmmm…yes!

  3. huh? says:

    Becky, it was a problem here on my end. I think I’m back to ‘normal.’ 🙂

  4. Becky says:

    Off topic but this comment in from huh? yesterday:

    (It looks like I can put in my “name” once again).

    So glad to see you (your “name”) again! Was it a problem with this site or your tablet? I want to try and fix it if the problem was with this site. Thanks!