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     Over 3 million people have watched the video of Lancaster City Police Officer Philip Bernot taser Sean Williams while he was sitting on the curb. Why? Because it is an outrageous abuse of power and excessive force by the officer with obvious racial undertones.
     Mayor Danene Sorace’s announcement today that Bernot will not be fired or suspended is unacceptable. Simply unacceptable.
     Please share and send today’s video below in this post to every news outlet you possibly can. This goes on everyday in the city of Lancaster to people of color and it cannot be allowed to continue.


***  “…Officer Bernot will not be fired or suspended.”
Mayor Sorace today (click here).

**   The city and the police have scheduled a news conference this afternoon, July 6, and officials declined to comment further until then.
From today’s LNP story, “Here’s what Lancaster city police policy says about stun guns,” (click here).
      Now the city has a second video to address. A man handcuffed with his hands behind his back, on his stomach on the pavement with an officer straddling him and then giving him a very sharp “slap” to his face that sends his face into the pavement! And then Detective Nickel threatening to arrest a woman for no reason other than she is taping the encounter. Unbelievable!



*    Oh, Detective Nickel and I go way back! Unbelievable. Click here for the original of the below.




  1. StedmanReallyStinks says:

    Yep. Apathetic idiots who don’t even care about their own rights
    ..First amendment, privacy, etc. About 20 people showed up to protest cameras up their ad’s at every red light. BTW, Lancaster Safety Coalition run by we’re do well who couldn’t hold a job after college so Daddy – who is on the board – hooked her up with a job for life at taxpayer expense. And someone needs to tell the guy who runs the cameras to clean up his resume. He claims to be a member of the Lancaster Human Relations Commission.Impressive, if one existed, but it doesn’t. Hasn’t for years. The LSC is in biz to keep losers we don’t need employed.. NOT to keep Lancaster “safe”.

  2. Ohwellist says:

    People like Jay work my damn nerves! Who cares what she got caught doing! She could of stole from the damn president idgaf! How does her past make what Nickels did acceptable? Why do people think u can dig up someones past to justify what a cock eye crooked cop did? These people that comment this mess dont live in Lancaster or even pay taxes in Lancaster but they come out the woodworks to protect the whole damn corrupt police force. Pathetic!

  3. Stedman Stinks says:

    Lancaster doesn’t know how to protest. Stedman and the police know this.

    Look at what happened in Pittsburgh after the officer shot that kid in the back. They took to the streets to demonstrate and brought part of the city to a halt. It got to the point where the streets were so filled, traffic was at a standstill in all directions. It wasn’t so much a violent protest rather than a rowdy one. A day or two later, the officer was charged. That’s how you get attention and bring to light what’s going on. Lancaster would rather stand on the courthouse steps and sing We Shall Overcome. And at the end of the day, nothing ever changes.

    • Becky says:

      Exactly. And that will bring me to city council member and “activist” Ismail Smith-Wade-El shortly! What a disgrace!

  4. PaSucks says:

    Shhh. Don’t tell anyone, because it’s not part of any policy, but Manor Township Police use Body Cams now…. When it’s convenient for them. And they turn them on and off at will remotely. So, always shoot your own video, too. Two angles are better than one corrupt one.

  5. Anonymous. says:

    I agree completely with Anon. This is ALL D-A Craig Stedman’s fault. He is an absolute disgrace to law enforcement anda justicia. And the people who comment on LNP are a disgrace to humanity. They are, unquestionably, racist…and elitist. But it is time to give the police brutality/racism connection a rest. They do it to ANYONE and EVERYONE they can because they know they will get away with it. They are equal opportunity BULLIES. Gregory Bayne – WHITE. The WHITE guy who finally popped that LYING thug Ray Corll, the WHITE WOMAN who was tazed at a First Friday for crossing the street, HISPANIC Mother CHARGED with rioting for protecting her son, etc., etc., etc… Its a class thing, not a color thing here. Where were the outraged posters on LNP during any of this other shit? And the criminal defense/personal injury lawyers here are p*ssies who will sell their clients down the river – afraid to rock the boat while stealing their money. Notice that every lawsuit ever won or settled against the police or local govt. is filed by a lawyer OUTSIDE the county who doesn’t have to rely on these corrupt degenerates for referrals. And every criminal case that goes to trial by jury and ends in an ACQUITTAL is fought (hard) by a lawyer OUTSIDE of Lancaster County. In fact, there are NO “civil rights” lawyers in Lancaster. The people in this county make me want to puke. Amish, included. And the lawyers are even worse. STEDMAN HAS TO GO! But these hypocritical bastards with no ethics will keep electing him, while licking his corrupt a$$.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Here’s the thing, Jay. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The police are supposed to be on the right side of the law; not meting out streetside justice.

    That’s what separates the good guys from the bad guys. And if a cop starts acting like a bad guy then who the hell would call one?

    I rarely read the comments under their articles anymore. Apparently people love getting off watching cops abuse people. As if the cops are welcome surrogates of abuse and hatred for them.

    That stun gun incident is not law enforcement. That stun gun incident is one that was caught on camera. How many more have there been or will there be because of the mayor caving in to the LPD and the DA?

  7. galty says:

    Was in Vegas and this was shown there..Disgusting

  8. Jay says:

    And Yet Savahnnah Shanay McFerrin has been Arrested last year 3 times for Retail Theft and Harassment and Well those Retail Theft were from Wal-Mart in Lebanon & Ephrata and then manheim Pike store so yeah I don’t really cares what she Posts on facebook or any other media because she’s a Criminal and her boyfriend got arrested just as she has been.

    • Becky says:

      She has one criminal charge on her docket that was changed to a non-traffic offense. And that has nothing to do with the inexcusable police actions!

      District Judge Dockets for McFerrin

      Updated – Apparently I can’t link to her docket sheets (which are all traffic except the criminal changed to non-traffic) so this is the one criminal docket she has that was changed to a non-traffic offense.


      • Becky says:

        Okay – so I pulled her court summary and there is more on there – maybe because of the spelling of her name? But none of this has to do with the arrest of the male in the video (I am only doing this because of the comment that came in).

        Court Summary

  9. Anon says:

    This is policing under Craig Stedman. He’s encouraged and enabled this abusive and unconstitutional behavior by the police. Stand up against Stedman. He’s a disaster as a DA. Vote ABS…Anybody but Stedman.

  10. Anonymous says:

    A guy steals sandals and the newspaper is all over it complete with photo.

    Heather Marie Nunn? We’ll get back to you…