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     This is simply unbelievable! The top are quotes from the LNP story, “2 felony charges dropped against Christiana man accused of pointing gun at police officer,” (click here).
     Immediately below that is Depew stating on his Facebook page that the officer never identified himself as such and “that helped me get out of it” (the screenshot of his page was taken at 2:00 pm today).
     Who is lying? This is simply incredible. “The police officers discretion?” Where the hell is justice and the truth?
There will be more tomorrow and please click here for “JUST A GOOD OL’ WHITE BOY…” from two days ago on this site.      


15 DAYS!


     On top of all this, in the last six months, one of our lenders, John Yelcick and his brother, one of our investors, have caused great legal troubles for the organization, which we have been adamantly defending ourselves against. (More information about John Yelich [sic] can be found through Google.)
     Oh, they are googling John Yelcick and they are coming to this site for “15 DAYS IN PRISON” (see below and click here for the original).
     A brief explanation: I noticed a lot of traffic coming to this site for “15 DAYS IN PRISON.” So I googled John Yelcick and he is named in yesterday’s Baltimore Sun article, “Baltimore Eagle bar closes amid internal disputes; owner pledges to reopen” (click here). And in that article they link to the above bold entry by “4 Crazy Guys” (click here).
     The fifteen day sentence was given by Judge Joseph Madenspacher, and as I stated on this site within the last two weeks regarding a different case, this racist and sick judge needs to be removed from the bench!



Lloyd Smucker (left) and Robert Krasne (LNP)

     Smucker, a Republican who represents most of Lancaster County as well as the city of Reading in Berks County and part of Chester County, in his letter did not specifically mention any newspapers or other publishing companies in his district but is widely known to be buried deep inside the pocket of Lancaster Newspapers who tailor their coverage, or lack thereof of his performance, to ensure he keeps his job while he does their bidding to protect both their primary business (newspaper) and their investments (convention center).
A comment posted online under the LNP story, “Smucker: Newspapers may be ‘unable to survive’ if newsprint tariffs continue,” (click here).
     Exactly! He is buried very, very deep inside the pocket of LNP!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Stedman doesnt care.

  2. huh? says:

    Anonymous, I hadn’t thought that far back to the fact that the DA went easy on Yelcick. You are correct. But I still think that the judge could have rendered a much more serious sentence than those few weeks in jail.

    So, why did the DA go easy on Yelcick? Everything about that case was disgusting. I wonder if Stedman knows about Yelcick’s latest?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would not blame the judge. The Lancaster County D-A is to blame. He could have charged him with FAR more than he did. This was annother free pass, while Gary Kirchner was a witch hunt because he pissed Stedman off by giving out the county password, which he did as a way to NOT waste taxpayer money dealing with calls from (stupid, local) news media calling up and asking same ?’s over and over again.

  4. huh? says:

    PS and I hope the dead man’s family and their lawyer are aware of this pig’s latest caper.

  5. huh? says:

    Yelcick is one sick and evil person. The actions he took prior to and after the death of his lover (sorry I can’t remember his name) were heinous, calculated, premeditated and most certainly involved another individual to drive the dead man’s car to the isolated spot in a church parking lot to make it look like a suicide.

    This man should not be walking the streets of any city let alone bringing his vitriol and bigotry to a bar that is supposed to be a safe and welcoming place. Of all people who have been “highlighted” by the LNP for committing a crime, this case has stood out to me as a prime example of how people like doctors are given an easier time in the courts. I believe that is because Madenspacher saw him as an equal. And Madenspacher only puts the peons in jail.

    Of course one could say that Dr. Kirchner didn’t get this kind of treatment but in his case he crossed the LNP and he was not ever in the league that thinks it’s shit doesn’t stink.

    I have wondered if the family of the dead man ever reached a settlement in their suit against Yelcick. Maybe he is accelerating pay back on the money he loaned to the Baltimore Eagle because he has to pay the family.

    I can only reiterate that this man is a doctor. And because of that, he took an oath to ‘do no harm.’ Instead of calling 911, he let the guy die and then drove a dead body to York to decompose in a parking lot. This is actually one case that I was relieved to see detective work uncover the fact it wasn’t suicide. But I would imagine that everyone who worked on that probably shook their heads when Madenspacher let him walk. Yelcick is a clear and present danger to the LGBTQ community. I hope that they now know that.

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