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From yesterday’s LNP front page story in print (click here for it online but be advised there is a paywall). 

     What is the truth and why wouldn’t Hambright answer questions? Hambright is a known liar and that is the reason DA Craig Stedman hired him.
     And today’s front page story is about judges (click here)! But LNP never criticizes or examines Lancaster County Judges. Never. So let’s look at Senior Judge Joseph Madenspacher who has a history of racism and preferential sentences. It is time for him to resign.
     And former LNP Deputy Opinion Editor Rich Manieri shows up in today’s LNP (click here). The problem is, Rich, LNP has only been a “caretaker” of their own interests. And it deeply disturbs me that you are a professor of journalism and I think Asbury University should be made aware of LNP and their racism and unethical interest in the convention center/hotel. 


  1. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    [Editor’s note: I am done. You have a lawyer. They should be handling this. Why aren’t they? I will not have every thread on this site hijacked with this neighbor dispute.]

    I will address only two of your scurrilous allegations in a public forum: Yes, I “really” did/do think the police should charge him with contempt of court. My STALKER did call police on me, which is what prompted the unwanted contact. Filing false police reports, calling the police on someone who has made it clear they want NO contact and NOTHING to do with you is typical stalking behavior. I have no idea what reason he gave to police on that particular day. It is something he has done dozens of times, or ordered someone else to do on his behalf…including his child. But he obviously achieved his goal since he is enabled by police and, apparently, objective viewers, such as yourself, ascribing ANY credibility to him.
    2. Since the tone of your response, which you chose to publicly post, questions MY credibility, I would suggest that any evidence of whether bullets were fired into my property be obtained independently. Five of the bullets went through a PVC fence owned by (and shared with) my neighbor on the other side of my home. Ask HIM if bullets damaged HIS property, and whether police investigated and what they told him. You know where to find him – on the other side of my house.
    My only question of you is rhetorical: I would lie about that because why? I am not in a custody dispute with this nut. I am not a scorned woman. I do not know him or want to know him.
    The more important…and to the point…question is why is this convicted felon with a history of violence against women allowed to possess a gun?
    Also…an update: The woman in the video was being used by my stalker as “third party contact”, which is, also NOT allowed. Therefore, my lawyer had her served with a No Contact order immediately after viewing the video. He isn’t buying this guy’s bullshit. And neither should anybody else.

  2. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    I am not surprised this was a case of what is known in the world of we victims as “stranger on stranger” stalking. I am not sure, but I believe I read that she had “reported” him or contacted authorities about his owning and knowledge of guns. Obviously, they did nothing to keep her safe, probably dismissed her as a hysterical female, she can’t get a PFA because they were NOT in a relationship, yadda, yadda, yadda. I am going thru this now, my former next door neighbor went thru it, and it only ended for her when her husband hired a p.i. and HE caught the guy trying to break into their home in a video that went viral. Only THEN did Manor Township police arrest him – and the D.A. charged him with all the other stalking (or, “stalking type”, according to the dumbshit D-A’s office spokesman!) crimes they had reported that police said “There’s nothing we can do about it”. It’s sad. There have been several of these types of killings around here this recently. A young Spring Grove Township woman stabbed to death in the middle ofcthe night comes to mind right now. We have all suffered the same fear, I know. What is he going to do next, and when is he going to kill me? I believe I showed you my video of my stalker violating a “No Contact” order – right in front of the cop! The update is: “Manor Township Police have decided not to charge him”. It is NOT, by any means, a “discretionary duty”. I think it is more of a “professional courtesy”. I also believe the d-a’s office deliberately gave out wrong info, and is not going to say “yes, we dropped the ball on this one”, because a disturbing pattern has emerged.

    • Becky says:

      I went back to link to your video and all three are gone. Either leave them up or don’t post them at all. I don’t like things that “disappear” from the internet. My problem with your videos – in one you called people “trailer trash” and called a woman a “fat idiot.” In the one you are referring to – there was a police officer present and apparently the other parties (man and woman) called them and not you. You addressed them first to say they were on your property and when the man said they were not on your property you said you had a no contact order and he wasn’t allowed to talk to you. Did you really think the policeman was going to/should arrest him for responding to you?

      If someone has seriously shot out windows of your home and the police have failed to act then post the pictures and I will do everything in my limited power to shed light on it and demand action from the DA.

  3. Becky says:

    A quick note – I had a lengthy comment from my stalker yesterday! LOL! Apparently he thinks Kalen Allen is “childish.”

    Well, Ellen loves him and hired him immediately after viewing his videos! I love him too!

    Ellen Just Found the Best New Thing on the Internet

    There will be more on stalker Steve coming!