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    Posted on July 7th, 2018 Becky 11 comments
    *    When are the police, the DA and Mayor Sorace going to address this video?
         From the “Lancaster Stands Up” Facebook page with the video below (the detective’s name is “Nathan Nickel”).




         Kevin Ressler, co-founder of the Lancaster Action Now Coalition, said, “We do not understand how one can be exonerated before the investigation is concluded unless the investigation is a coverup.”
    From the LNP article, “Mayor: Lancaster city police officer who fired stun gun at Sean Williams will not be fired or suspended,” (click here).
         Exactly! It’s ridiculous and outrageous!


    1. Same Ole, Same Ole is proving herself to be Lancaster’s Moron-in-Chief. Right or wrong, she should never have made that initial statement last week. If she had to speak, she should have simply made the public aware that she was aware and investigating. It was a knee jerk reaction just like Obama made with that Boston incident. Then before the words have even set-in, and no real investigation has taken place, she has already concluded the cop, possibly an idiot with good intentions (best case), faces NO punishment? Word to the wise Danebe, just shut up. Charlie Smithfalls worst enemy was his mouth…you are now emulating the last two mayors.

    2. I have been thinking about this and why she so quickly said, game over, he gets his gun and badge back.

      Williams is suing the city for a paltry 75K. So if she were to have dragged it out any longer or said that they were going to investigate, then that might have given the defense attorney ammunition in the suit.

      So she declares it a win for the city, the cop, and the LPD,

      Meantime, the city is looking for 112 million dollars some of which will possibly go to MAW. White collar crime and fraud wins the day.

    3. Why? Dale High and the Hamilton Club crowd told her to?

    4. JustPassingThru

      Some police stuff is racist. Like the time Manor cop Burkholder insisted a black man was DUI when he was really having a diabetic coma. He died. ( aka”Facebook on Steroids”

    5. She Reminds me of the old mayor Janice Stork has little knowledge of running a city or better yet overseeing a Police Dept.

    6. Janice Stork. There’s a good one. After bankrupting her cheese boutique, naturally the next step was politics.

    7. Becky! Whatever you’re working on STOP! LNP has this late breaking story on LOL. “Lancaster County loves whoopie pies. Where to find the best ones around”

    8. 🙂 🙂

    9. Whoopie pies taste like a dirt sándwich.

    10. Now, now! A good whoopie pie is a little slice of heaven! 🙂

    11. No. Seriously. I’ve tried to like them I wanted to like them. I’ve tried several, thinking it was the baker. And I love sweets. But whoopie pies SUCK.