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*    I will transcribe exactly what Patrick Hopkins said about the Safety Coalition Cameras and post it here in the next several days (LIP News will not publish tomorrow). It is filled with lies but at the end he made a general reference to all the crimes the cameras have solved and ended with the recent arsons right at city hall.

Jonathon Luff

     It is not known exactly what cameras – whether coalition or personal or business – were used to charge Dwain London Jr. and Patrick Baker with those arsons. A lot of the prosecution’s case also seems to be the tracking of London’s cell phone.
     London is in jail on $2 million cash bail and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for  July 11 at 2:00 pm before District Judge Janice Jimenez. He has retained private attorney Jonathon Luff of Paoli to represent him (click here).



Posted on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page last night during the city council committee meeting (click here),
      Oh, are those comments dead-on! Patrick Hopkins was lying all night and sneaking in items like one million for new cameras for the Lancaster Safety Coalition.
     Unbelievable! And the Finance Chair, Chris Ballentine, was absent again! He also missed the last city council meeting! Is this a joke to him?
     And I’ve noticed that Faith Craig fans herself a lot but she must have read his comment because she stopped shortly after he posted it. I’d be hot too listening to liar Hopkins!
      And then there’s MAW…
Please check back later today.

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  1. OntheBeachByNoon says:

    I am the commenter regarding Maw – Coalition cameras. I pointed out that Sorace connected MAW to the cameras and that was the first time anyone heard about ANY connection between the two. It was contained in remarks she made at a council mtg justifying city legal expenses re MAW. Roll tape…

  2. --- says:

    I haven’t kept a close eye on it, but London has begun selling properties. A property on north lime was sold by London and in the paper over the weekend. I’m fairly certain of at least one other that is actively for sale, but I don’t have a complete count of properties he is unloading.

  3. --- says:

    NPR (witf) reported this morning that the man tazored by the LCPD has filed a $75,000 lawsuit against the officer and LCPD.

  4. --- says:

    Another commenter here made a remark a few weeks ago to the extent that MAW was the Contractor to the Safety Coalition that installed the cameras.

    I was unable to verify this, but would connect a few important dots regarding how MAW came to Lancaster.

    Obviously this is based on speculation, but I can’t help but seriously wonder if this large infrastructure capital injection from the City for safety coalition cameras will utilize “MAW” as the installing “Contractor” so as to keep them financially “afloat” a little longer, while praying PPL decides to have some mercy and doesn’t continue to nail them to the proverbial cross (or in this case a utility pole).

    I couldn’t help but notice PPL signs all over Celebrate Lancaster last weekend…