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    Posted on July 20th, 2018 Becky 8 comments


         What a sad day. A murder/suicide and another viral video from Lancaster.
         He [DA spokesman Brett Hambright] said Al-Barwari and Saleb broke up around 2016 after dating for about a year. Saleb didn’t secure any protection from abuse orders, but it appears that Al-Barwari had been stalking her, Hambright said.
         “She was afraid of him and made that clear to those close to her,” he said.
    From (click here).
         And the video of a 36-year-old man who thought he was going to meet a 15-year-old girl in Lancaster City now has over 228,000 views (click here).
         The owner of the Facebook page states the Lancaster City Police are “investigating.” There will be more coming on this.
    Have a safe and happy Friday and please check back tomorrow.


    **   The Columbia Borough Fire Department Station 80 has issued the following statement regarding the video:


    * WARNING – Video includes very graphic language.

         This video went viral yesterday (click here). I am trying to find the outcome.



    (Click here for the full Fox-43 report).



    1. LNP states he is “5-foot-4.”

      Fox 43 states he is ” 6’5″ tall.”

      That’s a big difference!


      The Fox 43 article is the one linked to on the home page.

    2. The police say 65″?

      CRIMEWATCH – Homicide – Armed and Dangerous Subject

    3. Knapp not only can’t figure out DNA but he’s not very good at math either – so he says in the comments.

      The man can’t even re-write a police report.

    4. OnTheBeachByNoon

      OMG!!!! That sheriff’s deputy needs to be FIRED immediately!!! THAT is non-negotiable. Her attitude and complete lack of concern is as disgusting as the admitted pedophile. FIRE HER NOW! And arrest that creep NOW. If this had happened in Manor Township, I know FOR A FACT, they would be charging the OTHER guy with stalking and harassment. This is just unbelievable! OMG! Is that pedophile behind bars yet?

    5. And from LOL we have this late breaking story: “PA Dutch Eats: Tell us about your favorite chicken corn soup [survey]”
      Take no chances LNP. This is big! Better put the Knappman on this one.

    6. True huh? But nobody kisses stays quo ass better than the Knappman.

    7. OnTheBeachByNoon

      Someone needs to educate the good old boys at the District Attorney’s office on the legal difference and psychological effects of stalking and “stalking-type activity”. THERE IS NONE! Stalking, by definition, is a pattern (two or more) of behaviors that would put a reasonable person in fear for their own safety and welfare. If it feels like you are being stalked, you are being stalked. Unless someone tries to claim you are “overreacting”, discredit you, or cover up their own credibility issues. Then, I suppose, it is “stalking-type”. ALWAYS trust your instincts. There is no such thing as the “benefit of the doubt” in 2018.

    8. I like how MR 17 5 40 called him “sweetheart” and said that would be his name in prison. Not to be picky, but isn’t Binn’s homeless campground smoke free public property?