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    Posted on July 2nd, 2018 Becky 7 comments


         And I thought I was testy from the heat today! Aren’t neighborhood forums just the best! Back to serious news tomorrow.


    CITIZEN REVIEW BOARD!From the petition to end police brutality in Lancaster (click here).

         Where does this stand? Has Officer Philip Bernot been suspended? There is a city council committee meeting tonight at 6:00 pm in the Commission Room in the City Hall Annex, (Marion Street Entrance) at 120 N. Duke St. Will council discuss it? Will the public show up?

    (Click here)

         Four years after this article by Brett Hambright, now DA Stedman’s spokesperson, we still don’t have an answer. The families and the public have an absolute right to know.

    Yes, you Tom!

         Four years later, LNP reporter Tom Knapp asked the exact same question and did not demand an answer (click here). Hey, Tom, if you won’t do your job and get an answer we’ll see if the national press can!
         Let me repeat this simple question one more time: They have the DNA of both killers – is it the same man? Oh, and Juanita Chevalier was not a prostitute!

    Please check back later today.



    1. In all fairness to the Knappman, none the “reporters” at the P ever demand answers. They just smile and say; “Okay”

    2. And they proudly respond to commenters that they just aren’t up to speed on things like DNA and god knows what else.

    3. PS very interesting that their most recent front page ‘investigative’ report (for the LNP, investigating means copying and pasting other sources) concerns suicide.

      Will they report on police suicides? Or are they dancing around THAT issue?

    4. The Knappman especially gets defensive when readers point out what a Lousy News Paper LNP really is.

    5. The suspense of waiting on answer to see if dna is from same person is killing me already. I’ll probably be old & wrinkly by the time they give up that info.

    6. I wonder if LNP would have the balls to report that I have been terrorized and stalked by a deranged Amish man who was shunned by his family and cannot adapt to English life. He has blasted out my back window and fired ten rounds from a .22 into my backyard but Manor Township police say they “can’t do anything about it”, so taking a report will only “further enrage him”. Allow me to be the first to report on this ticking time bomb, because county detectives aren’t interested in hearing about him, either. “Amish immunity”, I guess. Until he takes out a school yard, or his workplace. Or a newsroom.

    7. Saw a comment about how the tasing story has trumped the DNA story to what they are sure chagrins Stedman.

      Looks like the comment ‘disappeared.’