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    Posted on July 18th, 2018 Becky 10 comments


         I placed a phone call to Julie Lyon’s attorney, Matthew Boyer of the Dell Law Firm, this morning at about 11:00 am and was told he was not in the office today.
         The cover sheet on her lawsuit against Fulton Bank states it is for “Return of Held Funds” (see photo to the left). It is not known if this is strictly for the $155,000 Certificate of Deposit or other funds as well.
         This case involving millions and millions of dollars and 250 lost jobs gets more and more bizarre. Where is Jeffrey Lyons? Is he in his home in Lancaster County? Is he in the United States? Where are all the millions of dollars? When will arrests be made and when will the public be told what is going on? The lack of information is stunning and disturbing!


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


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    Posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP story, “Fulton Bank alleges Worley & Obetz CEO carried out 4-year ‘massive’ fraud, pocketing +$1M,” (click here).

       Exactly! And Julie Lyons has tried several times to withdraw a $155,000 certificate of deposit knowing that she is being watched? What the hell is going on? This is outrageous!       




         The incompetence and corruption in Lancaster County is simply astonishing (click here for the LNP story)!
         And why does Amber Martin (nee Amber Green) have family pictures like the one above with her husband, State Senator Scott Martin, all over her official Facebook page as the Lancaster County Treasurer (click here)?
          Is she writing a romance novel or collecting taxes? It’s ridiculous! Clean it up, Amber! Get a room and a bond!
    Please check back later today.


    10 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE *** BREAKING NEWS *** – * & AN INSURANCE BOND!”

    1. I received this email tip on June 28th:

      Scott Martin is supposed to testify tomorrow in a custody(?) proceeding in front of a visiting judge from Phila. Attorneys are listed as Cheuvront and Melissa Montgomery although rumor is that Wendy Chan is back in the case for Amber Martin’s former husband. Check the docket.

      I cannot find this case since it was moved to a Bucks (?) County Judge. Does anyone have a link?

    2. Sorry – that was Delaware County Senior Judge Ann A. Osborne.

    3. Wendy Chan is lying upon scrum. Just sayin’.

    4. ???

    5. Off topic: Lindsay Blest has this headline over a sad story. I would venture to guess that LNP reporters write their own headlines. Just find the wording weird.

      “Female dies After 3-vehicle crash at East Lampeter Township intersection”

      Is it just me or wouldn’t “Woman dies” be a better choice?

    6. Love that she is suing Fulton. Hope she wins. More egg on their faces – arrogant morons.

    7. The comment that was briefly posted here has been removed. I apologize. There will be more tomorrow.

    8. Our tax dollars aren’t covered but I bet there is insurance on that hot tub!

    9. Amber should be impeached
      Oh forgot she had affair with Martin the married him.
      Both should be impeached

      Their IQ is below 60

    10. God be with Lancaster

      Becky What are the Martin’s going to do
      Wait for the new cycle to stop and continue with their corruption
      No accountability
      Someone needs to look in to the missing tax money
      Amber Martin Lancaster’ county treasurer.
      She has been in office for what 3 plus years now
      how much Money is missing Mrs. Martin
      No insurance no bonds on our tax dollars
      Scott Martin and Amber Martin Are on a power grab for a reason
      People need to demand a audit on the money that belongs to
      we the people
      Somebody needs to get this information to the
      Governor. Tom Wolf
      7 1 7 -7 8 7 -25 100

      Email: govcorrespcrm@ pa,

      Drain the Swamp