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    LIP News has learned that the Lancaster City Police Officer who committed suicide over the weekend was Mark C. Gehron (pictured left). He was previously married to Allison Smithgall, the daughter of former Mayor Charlie Smithgall. They married in 2000 and were divorced on November 18, 2016. They have two sons together.


**   Former Police Chief Keith Sadler in a screenshot from his Facebook page taken at 10:52 am today.


*    A brief update to yesterday’s posts about a Lancaster City police officer committing suicide: I don’t like the above Facebook comment by police detective Michael Gerace that was published here yesterday.
     Does he control the coroner and the press? “You won’t?” Wrong! The public has a right to know! His arrogance is stunning!



     There is not a single word about the police shooting death of Antwon Rose on the “NAACP – Lancaster PA Branch” Facebook page. Not a single word! What the hell do these people do?


  1. Ohwellist says:

    Anonymous-I agree I said that in another comment yesterday for other reasons not just their family but they deal with civilians also. Hiding their issues is dangerous.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It IS important Ohwellist because there is a true epidemic of police suicide. In 2017, 48 killed in the line of duty versus 140 who took their own lives through suicide. It is especially dangerous because not only do they have easy access to firearms but that their families are in danger as well. So often suicidal people not only kill themselves but others as well.

    The LPD needs to address this head on. I am not confident that will happen based on no follow up on education on how to handle mentally ill and powerless people like Gregory Bayne. But then again, admitting that they received education would be tantamount to admitting negligence on their part.

    I truly hope that this sad and tragic ending of Officer Gehron’s life is not brushed under the rug and that lives can be saved through education.

  3. Ohwellist says:

    Wth-Nobody elses children get special treatment just because he was a cop it doesnt matter. We have the right to know. Dont like it too bad. What babies? Did he have affairs that we’re unaware of? If not then dont go adding “babies” to his name. Thats disrespectful!

  4. LNP Sucks Too says:

    Off the track, but it’s been over a month since the SPCA raided a puppy mill in Gap where dogs were debarked. The “P” said an investigation was underway to determine of charges were to be brought against the illegal breeder. Have you heard anything? The “P” hasn’t answered when I’ve asked them (duh).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just found his website. I guess this breaking news will distract from other breaking news…


  6. Wth says:

    Maybe it was for the families privacy, he had 2 little boys who maybe did not need to see dad plastered all over the news. If he was a teacher, or a construction worker would it make news, no. It’s a private matter for the family and the department to deal with. I think its shameful you all feel you had a right to know all about this father who made a choice to end his life. Maybe let they grieve. I’m sure an obit would have revealed it on the families time. That is who the people were protecting, his babies who did not deserve this but have to deal with. Have some respect for privacy.

    • Becky says:

      Wth – I will respond at more length tomorrow – but they are far from being “little boys” and “babies” is just absurd. And tell it to the daughters of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. There will be more tomorrow.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Did you see this?? Raymond ‘DJ Freez’ Rowe arrested for 1992 murder of schoolteacher Christy Mirack

    DJ Freez – why is that familiar?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hiding this is a disservice to the public and to police officers. Why? Because suicide was the leading cause of death last year. 48 police officers lost their lives at work. While ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY died because of suicide.

    The newspaper is in cahoots (sorry, can’t think of the proper word at the moment) with the police department. And if they choose to hide even the officer’s name, can you imagine what else they choose to hide every day?

    All of this ‘intrigue’ and Gerace’s pronouncement will not make it simple. It just compounds and compounds and compounds the sad fact that an officer chose to end his life. 140 other officers chose the same route last year.

    In Lancaster if you are a man, especially a black man, who made one mistake and paid for it, you will have that in the article they post that is independent of his paid for obituary. The newspaper couldn’t let that just be and allow the obituary to stand for announcing his death.

    But here we have a police officer who is a victim of an epidemic that is decimating police forces around the country. So what does the paper do? Nothing. Same with the TV stations I guess because no one has offered a link to a story.

    In the end, this is evidence of the LNP bowing to the LPD. Thus proving there is no independent press in Lancaster. So much could be taught and learned from this unfortunate and sad demise of an active police officer.

  9. Jay says:

    Yep that’s the way the Blue Line works for the Police I had to Post on facebook that I had to watch the Obits and coroner’s report for the officer who killed himself and low and behold I was sent a message to remove it because it might offend the other officers and family, I did remove it after I was told who it was and that’s a shame they all want to hide what happened and an shame I had to post it just to find out who it was after all the officer I know told me they won’t tell me but 1 finally did after I posted that and what a shame they all want to hide from what they all deal with on a daily basic’s of being an officer.