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    Posted on June 23rd, 2018 Becky 8 comments

    OFF TOPIC – 1/2 OF 1/2 OFF?

          Hah! The Suitcase of Fashion is what we called it.
         Always reminded me of one of those pizza parlors that are locally owned but never seem to have customers and yet they stay open year after year. Money laundering at its best.
    This excellent comment in under a post about Beverly (Peggy) Steinman’s “Showcase of Fashions” on this site from March of 2014 (click here).
          Exactly! I was in this store (and my friend and I were the only ones) several years ago and weird and strange are the only ways to describe it! There is an ad in today’s print edition (see below) that they are going out of business (and apparently the building is up for sale). What is known is that Beverly Steinman, the owner of LNP and pictured left, used this business name and address to send checks to Republican political candidates for years.


    From the “Answer of the City of Lancaster to Motion of Marie Chambers to Intervene” in the city’s injunction lawsuit against landlord Dwain London Sr. (click here).

         This is a shocking, flat-out lie by the city and their solicitor.
    Please check back later today.



    1. I hope the former tenant who documented London’s practices so clearly comes out and sues the pants off the city/London along with some of these current tenants who are being harmed.

      Feel so bad they are getting screwed in both directions from London and the city (by refusing to acknowledge responsibility and doing whatever it takes to CYA).

    2. Yes! Theres more than enough proof to sue the city! Id go for the city thats where they would get their money faster

    3. Btw this place of business thats always about to close down, has never advertised of closing. Since I was a little girl that shop has always been there “looking” as a shop. Nobody ever comes in and out of shop. Never! When my mother worked for post office we would go to Library and play at musser park all summer long. Our aunt lives on King st. Has always lived on King st since we were younger then 12yrs old. Im close to 40 now. We travel back and forth all types of hours during day when business should be open. Never witnessed a body coming in or out. Another thing cars are always parked in the back as if business was open. Never any signs of a sale or closing. I took my daughter to park when she was younger and now baby. Still never witnessed a single body coming in and out with 1 bag or just walking in or out at all. My aunt still lives on King st. This is really interesting it always bothered me!

    4. And that awful yellow plastic she put over the windows to reduce fading on the garments on display. There were months that would go by and the clothes in the window would never change.

      My mom used to call it her (the owner’s) closet. She often thought that Steinman would wear clothes ordered by the store and then put them back on the racks to be sold again. Ma used to joke that everyone knew it was Steinman-owned and were afraid to go in to even look around.

    5. I should have added “creepy” to my description. There was an older woman who sat at a small desk and barely acknowledged us. She seemed to be doing “paper work,” (probably cooking the books) and she almost never looked up. If I had been alone, I would not have spent more than one minute in there before running out in terror!

    6. That is true! The same funky clothes displayed lol. Omg I cant believe others thought the same of this place. Its creepy outside I would never walk in there lol. I used to tell my little brother I dare you to walk in there. He would say uh uhhh I dont want no old lady snatching me up.

    7. Becky, Can you find out what Officer in Lancaster City Committed Suicide seems everyone is keeping Quiet.

    8. Someone on the force has passed. I do not know who or the manner of death.