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    Posted on June 2nd, 2018 Becky 4 comments

    *    Actually, we know the cameras rotate or pan an area. DA Craig Stedman told us that and it was in the videos he showed when the police chased 18-year-old Jose Efrain Rodriguez for four minutes and then executed him. (Stedman states in the video that he would prefer “stationary” cameras – and he is a board member of the Safety Coalition – this man will say anything! Click here for the LNP article and video).
         And the cameras pan or rotate pretty quickly so it’s hard to believe that between two cameras they did not catch a peek of the city hall arsonist(s). But besides that it would be nice if this “update” included answers to the following:

    —  Have they figured out what accelerant was used to start the fires? They had to use a lot to get concrete to burn/scar  – so depending on the accelerant – in what kind of container was it carried to the two arsons and where would they purchase a large quantity of the accelerant?

    —  What did they use to ignite the accelerant? Did they leave any evidence behind – matches, a lighter or a fire igniter?

    —  Do they know which fire was started first? The one in the city owned vehicle or the one in the entrance to city hall?

    —  One of the cameras in the area has to have caught someone walking towards city hall with a large container or exiting a vehicle near city hall. I do not believe the cameras are that bad/slow to rotate! Yes, the police better keep looking!

         Maybe LNP could do a better follow-up and ask the police some actual, detailed questions?



         We have so many cameras and most of them are utterly useless. Even an attack on city hall, where there’s camera at the corners of the street, is caught unseen.
         What exactly is the point of the safety coalition again? Ridiculous.

    Posted on Lancaster Online as a comment under the story, “Police continue to go through video surveillance in Lancaster City Hall arson investigation,” (click here).
         I’ve been questioning these cameras for years and suddenly we learn the cameras are on a “preprogrammed, panning zoom” and are apparently worthless! Unbelievable.



    1. They were put out there to give a false sense of security for all the tourists and out-of-town people flocking to conventions and parking ramps.

    2. I know I’ve posted more than once that the day that someone “important” is assaulted or worse in the presence of one of those cameras that on that day we will see just how fast the crime is solved.

      But, this courthouse and vehicle arson fire deal is even better. Why? First off, no one got hurt. And after that, it shows just how useless and stupid and phony these cameras are. If the courthouse was relying on those cameras to do surveillance and protection services…. wow… were they bamboozled. The courthouse is one of the more important buildings in Lancaster for so many reasons. And the fact that they (apparently) have no in house surveillance cameras at entrances and exits is just another fine example of just how backward this county is. Crappy computer investigators, sedentary detectives, laisse faire judges who put out decrees on no cameras or phones in the courthouse and encryption of police communications after it was absolutely shown on 9/11/01 that the lack of cross communication between police and fire depts in NYC accounted for deaths of both police and fire fighters. So what does Lancaster do? Adopts an encryption system that puts them at risk so as to hide street justice meted out by rogue cops.

      I cannot believe in this day and age that the county courthouse has no cameras of its own. And this is a real example of just how crappy the cameras the city does have are.

      Who profits? Some six figure shadow manager of said system. And the DA can manipulate what footage they do have to try to convince people that the cameras just suck when it comes to covering possible police misconduct.

      And in the meantime, Mayor Souvlaki can further the narrative that this arson was “personal.”

    3. Follow up? C’mon. Yer talking LNP, not a real newspaper.

    4. Didnt Sorace say MAW was involved with the cameras? She did. No wonder they’re as f*cked up as everything else in Lancaster County.Did they put the camera job up for bids? Probably not because it was Steinman’s money. “public/private partnership”. That is how they spend our money and still manage to evade scrutiny.