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    Posted on June 7th, 2018 Becky 2 comments

    —  Doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.


         An update on Charlie and Ruby Warfel is below (click here for the original on GoFundMe). Also click here for LNP’s, “Owner of dog that attacked 2 Lancaster children sentenced to 7 years probation.”


    2 responses to “— SECOND ATTACK BY HIS DOG”

    1. Margot's friend

      [Editor’s note: No, you are not Margot’s friend. You are internet stalkers Steve and Cheryl Markle using to try and hide your identity! (LOL!) That was not from her Facebook page (you can’t even read) – that was from the GoFundMe page and because I donated I, and the almost 2,000 people who donated, received an email about the update. You have obviously never donated to a GoFundMe campaign. But that is normal activity for you. You two are in your forties and for six years you have sent me loving comments daily. Get mental help! See the Cheryl & Steve Markle tab on this site for this convicted stalker and harasser. If it is such a worthless blog, why do you take hours out of your day every day to send stupid, nasty, profanity laced and racist comments? Get mental help before you go to jail!]

      So unfortunate…a story about 2 injured children that you had to take from a FB page because you are an internet troll. Then you go even lower and take content from LNP to finish out your worthless blog. I see this is normal activity for you.

    2. Typical – textbook – behavior known as “projection” for those who are mentally ill/have personality disorders…..Frightening.