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     From the article:
     Lancaster has become a majority-minority city. Its population is about 39 percent Latino; 14 percent black and 39 percent white, according to U.S. census data. (The latter two numbers exclude residents identifying as Latino.)
     The city’s 136 sworn police officers, in contrast, are 87 percent white, 8 percent Latino and 4 percent black. Ten are women, one of whom is the department’s lone Asian-American officer.
     …Just nine of the 136 officers live within city limits.
     How in the world could this happen? How do these numbers compare with the editorial staff of the Lancaster Newspapers? A huge part of the answer lies with blatantly racist LNP and there will be more on this to come.
     And it is intern season at LNP. Have they reached out to try and diversify their interns who may become their future reporters? So far we have Abigail King and Ethan Sterenfeld. The answer is a resounding “no!”
     Also coming later today – when is LNP going to hold the police and District Attorney Craig Stedman accountable? On May 29th, LNP reporter Tom Knapp wrote a story about the unsolved murders of two women in Lancaster County and asked if they have the same killer (click here). When is LNP going to demand that a simple DNA test be done to answer that question? Do the families of these victims have a right to finally know? How is it possible that in 2018 this is still an unanswered question?
Please check back later today.