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**   West Hempfield Township police charged Austin M. Hougendobler, 22, with 12 offenses, including four counts of felony aggravated assault for nearly running over a woman with his truck, then drawing the pistol as officers attempted to arrest him.
From the just released District Attorney’s press release by DA spokesman Brett Hambright (click here).
     Brett Hambright is working on a Saturday! Imagine that? That’s because LNP was hollering at him that they needed his approval to state it was Austin Hougendobler! That’s right, despite the docket being public information, LNP can’t do anything without the DA’s approval. (It’s been on this site since 9:30 am this morning.) And that is just unbelievably scary and that is not journalism! And Hougendobler almost killed the woman. Boy, is he lucky he’s white!


*** BREAKING NEWS ***  I have received information that Ismail Smith Wade-El was voted in today as a member of the Democratic Committee (he is pictured to the left in what he describes on Facebook as his “warm weather look!” Isn’t that special?). This man already has too much on his plate – he can’t even make city council meetings for which he is paid! Updates to follow.




Austin Hougendobler from his Facebook page.

     The male drew a handgun after he got out of the truck and started to   point it toward officers, police said.
     And he’s still alive? I will not bring race into this, so let me say good day to all!!!

Posted on Lancaster Online under the article, “Police: Man pulls gun on female in truck, then on officers in West Hempfield Township pursuit,” (click here).
     Yes, he’s damn lucky and it appears from this docket sheet from District Judge Miles K. Bixler that the lucky man is Austin Michael Hougendobler. He has pictures of his son all over his Facebook page. Nice.


  1. huh? says:

    Still thinking of just how either zero-curiosity or zero learning cells left in his brain the Knapster is.

    I saw this article online. If these bazillion siblings were able to find each other by using a public DNA database you would think that the Nap Man might have possibly read more than one article like this and as a result would have asked follow up questions instead of walking away to write an article worthy of an eighth grader.With the excuse that it is beyond his expertise. Seems like he’s been left waaaayyyyy behind when compared with plain old regular writers who “get” this stuff.

    Did he earn a degree in sentence construction and not much else?

  2. Rednek says:

    Did Lyons have membership at the Hamilton Club???

    That might answer a lot of questions.

  3. LNP Sucks 2 says:

    Speaking of what the P can’t do. They can’t seem to include a photo for former Worley and Obetz CEO Jeffery Lyons with the ongoing story. And it’s been over a week since the SPCA raided a Quarryville puppy mill and dog n cat reporter Tom Nap hasn’t named the breeder. Why drive to Quarryville and do some asking around? Gas went up in price.

    • Becky says:

      I’ve been wondering about Lyons too! What’s up with that? When he went missing all the news outlets ran his picture. Where’s a picture of him and his (very nice) house?

  4. huh? says:

    Do the police who arrested Hougendobler wear body cameras?

    • Becky says:

      I don’t think the West Hempfield Police have body cameras. There is probably a camera in their cruisers? He’s apparently still in the hospital – so LNP is stuck without a mugshot.