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Posted by Jeffrey Lyons’ son on his Facebook page.
***  Where was Lyons going? According to reports he left at 6:00 am on Tuesday, May 15th. He was pulled over in Minnesota on Thursday, May 17th sometime in the afternoon (Fox43 posted he had been found at 3:20 pm – click here).
     We don’t know where in Minnesota but at a minimum it is 1,200 miles from Lancaster to Minnesota. At 60 miles an hour that’s a drive of at the very least 20 hours. He must have driven almost straight through. Where was he going and why? Where is he now?


**   Jeffrey Lyons married Julie L. Hess on April 23, 1988. They have two known children, Jeff and Jessica (pictured below with their parents). Jeff lives in Los Angeles according to his Facebook page and Jessica states she works at Worley & Obetz, Inc.


*     Jeffrey Lyons and his wife, Julie H. Lyons (nee Julie L. Hess), live at 2601 Old Orchard Road in Manheim Township. According to county records, they bought the home on October 14, 2005 for $925,000. It is currently valued for tax purposes at $814,500.
     (The photo below is from a Google street view in July of 2011).


     The son of Jeffrey Bickett Lyons posting on his Facebook page about his father’s mysterious disappearance last month. With all their stories about Worley & Obetz closing and millions and millions of dollars missing, LNP has not run Lyons’ picture or told us a thing about this man since his disappearance. It is truly bizarre.
Click here for today’s front page story in print (pictured left) and online which tells you almost nothing and check back later today.

14 Responses to *** – ** – * LNP: NO COVERAGE OF LYONS WHATSOEVER!

  1. LNP Sucks 2 says:

    The P responded to a commenter; ” LancasterOnline has decided to wait until charges have been filed against Mr. Lyons before running his photo alongside our ongoing coverage.”

  2. Ohwellist says:

    This whole worley & obetz article is full of sh!t! How while business is collapsing do they continue to buy properties? Then file bankruptcy and still are allowed to use the properties that should be seized to help with this new business?? Fulton Bank?? Somebodies covering somebodies @ss bigtime! This is definitely messy smh.

  3. huh? says:

    That was me who posted the WDAC article. For some reason my device is refusing to include the usual huh? that always appeared before.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is more information in this WDAC radio blurb than in any other ‘missing person’ thing I read about him.

    It sounds to me like he was very intent on disappearing. Probably carrying a carload of cash so that he could cover his tracks without using anything that could track him. I’m guessing that he’s in the wind by now.

    Missing, Endangered Lancaster County Man Sought
    Posted on May 16, 2018 by GregBarton

    MANHEIM TOWNSHIP – Police are searching for an endangered missing Lancaster County man. Around 6 a.m. Tuesday, 57-year-old Jeffrey Lyons left his home in the 2600 block of Old Orchard Road operating a white 2015 Dodge Ram pickup. Lyons shut off his cell phone, which was last connected to a cell tower in the 2600 block of Oregon Pike in Manheim Township. He reportedly did not take his wallet or credit cards and does not appear to have packed any personal belongings. Lyons failed to show for multiple business appointments during the day and has not been able to be reached by any family members or co-workers since. Lyons’ family is concerned for his welfare and ability to care for himself and have declared him an endangered missing person. A photo of Lyons and a similar vehicle which Lyons may be operating can be seen below. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact Manheim Township Police at 717-569-6401.

  5. huh? says:

    I wonder if the media organization that gave the award to the Caucus has any idea of the way it appears that the publication is a master at deflecting and protecting its owners?


  6. Charles Thomas says:

    Could it be they are covering for their former partner in the convention center….Fulton Bank

  7. huh? says:

    How does George Garner fit into all of the above? Are you talking about the old story or does he have his fingers in a more recent pot

  8. Talking says:

    George Garner was.CEO of Equipment Finanace…the fraudulent subsidiary that sank Bank of Lancaster County. He received almost ZERO attention from LNP and while some were criminally charged, I believe he got away scot free although one would not really know since LNP seemed to be ignoring his name. One might even think he was a nephew of Peggy’s with the favorable ccoverage. That scandal sank an entire bank and the board walked away unscathed…only the shareholders got screwed.

  9. huh? says:

    I forgot about that. Did they go after him posthumously like they did Christian? Or did they ignore it because they knew that Powell was a beloved coach and it would be thin ice they’d be walking on?

    • Becky says:

      And LNP is making money on this. There is a full page ad today for Leffler Energy and Patriot Propane aimed at Worley & Obetz customers.

  10. huh? says:

    Now, contrast this with the LNP coverage of Mr. Christian both way back when and even unto his death.

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