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     I am making phone calls and sending emails this afternoon.
—  Can you imagine any other news organization in this country failing to ask basic, simple yet extremely vital questions of public servants?
—  Can you imagine any other news organization in this country failing to inform and protect the public and failing to get answers for the grieving families and friends of murder victims?
     LNP has sunk to an unbelievable new low. LIP News will return tomorrow.


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*     Brett Hambright now works for the DA’s office! He was front and center at the beginning of Monday’s press conference on the arrest of Christy Mirack’s alleged killer. Why don’t we have an answer to this simple question, Brett? You have the DNA of both killers! So answer the question: Do they have the same killer?




     Did he kill Juanita Chevalier in 1995? Did he kill Roxanne Myers in 1998? They have the DNA of all three killers! Why don’t we know if Rowe is a serial killer and if Chevalier and Myers have the same killer? Why? Demand answers!
Please see the post immediately below and check back later today.


  1. Lang Kisster says:

    You said “news organization”. What’s that got to do with LNP?

  2. Anon says:

    *the murder trial of Laurie show* ??? Did a paper call it that?

  3. Ida says:

    Both the 06/27/93 article you link above and the 12/12/93 article give fascinating details about her personal life and her last weekend alive. Both should be read. As the years go on the articles give less and less detail about suspects and the original tips received about that morning.

    Boyfriend – married, 20 years her senior, local labor union chief, 4 ½ years together. “Sources say he apparently learned of Christy’s death on Dec. 22 when he visited Rohrerstown Elementary.” He went inside the school said he had been out of town and was unaware of her murder. They told him to go read the paper. He left but contacted the district “twice by telephone to ask about counseling for himself”. He voluntarily went to the police to help with the investigation. He attended the funeral, her burial and the meal afterward. “For the first time that day, he met and talked with Christy’s parents.” They were unaware he was her boyfriend for 4 ½ years.

    12/12/93 article – “The married man she’d seen exclusively for nearly five years stood her up. That isn’t unusual. Christy was uncharacteristically upset, but got over it after he finally arrive at her townhouse. He stayed till morning. They talked once more by phone that weekend.” She ran errands and went out with her friends Saturday night at various bars in Lancaster. She grocery shopped Sunday, decorated her house and chatted on the phone with friends.

    The school principal went to the neighbors’ house to call police. It was the home of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Orsi. The police were looking for a “white muscular male” who was witnessed walking toward Christy’s door that morning. “It appears now that the individual may have been Vincent Orsi, 17, a member of the household where the principal sought help…” He was allegedly warming up his mother’s car about that time but didn’t see or hear anything. “The younger Orsi made news last year when he testified in the murder trial of Laurie Show…he told the court he had been privy to an early kidnapping plot planned by Lambert.”

  4. jerry wright says:

    p.s….1992…he was piss poor….stuck in lancaster…so no he was not out the country at the time….

  5. Talking says:

    The Freez Entertainment website has now been reduced to next to nothing with all pics and references to Rowe removed,

  6. Clover says:

    I haven’t read from where the DNA was taken, vag swipe? Maybe they just had sex, he left and her killer dragged her back into her house. Anyway, I hope he confesses so I can stop thinking about this case, as I had put in a dude that was super distraught about her murder back when it happened. He even told me she bought him a mug for his birthday and his birthday is on the day she was murdered.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wonder which prosecutor will get this case. Does Stedman ever prosecute at a trial?

    A good defense lawyer can poke holes through this case. And I’m not saying that he is or is not guilty; only he knows the answer to that. But I can easily see a good defense lawyer pointing out the fact that there could be a very plausible answer for the DNA left there if it WAS in areas that did not include where the violence took place.

    I’m not so sure that this case is easily winnable. Then again, just look at the jury selection pool. You can bet that anyone with any knowledge of DNA and science will be automatically excluded in the jury selection. Tom Knapp would be a perfect juror.

  8. Non-Fiction Writer says:

    Answer: Not if I’m on the jury. And if that is all they have, then there are an octillion number of ways to attack that evidence. Think: O.J.

  9. Non-Fiction Writer says:


  10. Non-Fiction Writer says:

    Wouldn’t it be an odd, ironic, disgustingly sick twist of fate if this suspect had an air-tight alibi, like a European vacation, and it comes out that he was (easily) framed by a twisted, sociopathic district attorney desperate to do something … ANYTHING … to revive his sagging career and rehabilitate his reputation as a corrupt, misogynistic,con man who could care less about crime victims, especially women, and often lets politically connected killers walk.
    Not all d-a’s have it together. (Think Nyfong. Or Asbell.)
    It, certainly, would not be the first time Stedman has prosecuted someone he knew – beyond any reasonable doubt – was NOT guilty. There are many examples of that.
    Unfortunately, he holds all the power, and is presumed to be credible, and anyone who would think about such a scenario would have to be “crazy”, I’m sure. :-O

    • Becky says:

      Oh, my! My question – let’s say no alibi – and let’s say the DA cannot connect these two in any way except the DNA. Can DNA absolutely as the only “thing/evidence” win this case?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Oh Becky, the LNP is getting its limelight exposure. This is almost as click-heavy as the Amish school house tragedy. I’m seeing it all over the place with links to the LNP.

    Whatcha wanna bet that they got a heads up so they could send their crack(ed) reporters scurrying to find all sorts of stuff to have at the ready.

    And I would bet anything that Parabon was to be mentioned over and over again. Even though their idiotic composite has ZERO to do with this arrest. They input the results into gedmatch. Whoop-ti-doo. Gedmatch has been around for almost a decade. But hey, their reporters find it above their pay grade to do anything more than wait for the spoon to feed them.

    Such a shame that they had to be led by the nose by Parabon to do something that was do-able long BEFORE Christy’s mother passed away. That is a really sad aspect to this story.

    • Becky says:

      Ida – I would love to hear your questions. I didn’t find much information in most of the articles – but there is one that is loaded with info and strange contradictions and all kinds of good things:

      A regular at Quips Pub, Christy and her friends often hit local watering holes. She was popular among girlfriends and never sat alone, said Quips owner Robert Poulton.

      Sources said it was on a night like that, at another bar, when she met Ken Laukhuff, now a former Lancaster labor union chief. Both were out with friends and, despite a 20-year age difference, soon became a couple. Sources said she was drawn to his humor and charm.

      Murder Mystery: Christy Mirack

  12. Lang Kisster says:

    All this DNA question stuff. That won’t cut into the big LNP who-makes-the-best-whoopie-pie investigation will it?

  13. Ida says:

    Lancaster Online has put up a case archive with original stories from LNP (1992 -2009). My mind is swimming with questions.

  14. Ida says:

    It’s purely coincidental but 3 murders, 2 divorces and 3 marriages all in the 90s. Was this the life of a haunted man or someone with bad luck in love?

    Married 01/04/88
    Mirack murdered 12/21/92
    Divorced 05/17/93

    Married 10/02/93
    Chevalier murdered 04/10/95
    Divorced 01/02/98

    Myers murdered 01/16/98
    Married 09/09/00

    Divorced 06/15/07
    Married 01/04/13

    I’m sure Stedman already tested the DNA. If there was a match to Chevalier and Myers, the first block of Duke Street would be closed with circus tents erected for the Stedman Show to announce the findings.

  15. talking says:

    Is there (was there) an arraignment? Did I miss something? Does he have a lawyer?

    Exactly how many kids does he have (2: 1 biological, 1 from 4th wife)?

    • Becky says:

      He was arraigned yesterday on one count of criminal homicide with bail denied. His preliminary hearing is currently scheduled for July 9 but that will probably change as soon as he gets a lawyer.

      My understanding is he has a grown daughter (30) and an adopted daughter (his fourth wife’s daughter).