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     Of all days, today is “Celebrate Lancaster.” Hopefully, after people get their fill at the food trucks they will head to the Old Courthouse at the corner of E. King and Duke Sts. at 5:30 pm to demand justice and police accountability.  Lancaster Stands Up has issued the below beginning excellent  three steps towards achieving that. Have a safe and happy Friday.


***   This is simply astonishing. The video/story is one of the top stories on Google News and as of 2:30 pm the video had 1,837,851 views.
     On Monday, my morning post was “WHAT DOES THE LANCASTER NAACP DO?” The answer was “nothing!” The Lancaster President, Blanding Watson, actually issued a statement regarding the video and it is ridiculous, insulting and totally unacceptable! He needs to resign and let someone with heart, courage, conviction and compassion take over! There will be more on this to come.

**   A LNP article on Officer Bernot refusing to take a report (click here):

*     Lancaster Police Officer Philip Bernot has made the news several times (oh, the irony of this one!):
       Lancaster PA, I woman hit my car and walked away laughing. I called the police. When they arrived the officer, Philip Bernot. Told me that it was illegal to film police and refused to speak to me on camera. All I wanted to do was file a report for my insurance. I called the desk sergeant who told me that it is the Lancaster PD’s policy not to allow their officers to be filmed. He then proceeded to hang up the phone on me when I told him to send an officer willing to due his job and not violate the law. This is a violation of Federal and Pennsylvania Law. Please call the Lancaster PA police department at (717) 735-3300 and ask them why their policy violates the 1st amendment.
October 2013 – click here.



Click here and please check back later today.


  1. AnonymousII says:

    Yes. Stedman will ONLY act if it is in HIS best interest. He is bucking hard for the judgeship that RIGHTFULLY belongs to Jayne Duncan. One MUST have ethics, objectivity, compassion and a host of other qualities to be a judge – none of which he possesses. His only qualification is a law degree. And just like corrupt police chiefs, he is raising a bunch of corrupt ADA’s in his high-turnover office. They come in eager to serve, fresh out of law school, and play the game he teaches, bringing the entire legal profession into disrepute, IMO.
    I read the Wiki page on Mike Nifong after reading posts here the other day and my hair stood on end. Now, he acts like he invented DNA. Only the National news media will give him the scrutiny he deserves – and so fears, and the similarities between him and Nifong (sociopathically speaking) are eerie. It doesn’t happen often, but d-ad’s do, occasionally, get removed from office and disbarred. Stedman deserves nothing less, and it will take an honest news organization (I.e. one outside of PA to bring that to bear. I think I will start referring to him as Lancaster County D-A Craig Nifong. Meanwhile, I often wonder what happened to the several, named, homeless people who witnessed the killing of Bayne and stated he did NOT have a weapon. Craig Nifong probably doesn’t (or didn’t) care about their lives any more than he considered their witness statements. They don’t usually vote. And they were discounted while he presented the public with a poorly edited video (while throwing away evidence and footage that did not help his position. I believe DeLaTorre may be involved in killings since Jayne. Hence, the implementation of a new “policy” of not naming police involved in fatal shootings of suspects. Never trust a public official who supports LESS transparency and accountability. And don’t look for Cutler to call for anything against Stedman. Letting a guy who kills his newborn on Xmas Eve WALK says it all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And another thing which I forgot to mention. What fate awaits someone who is deaf in Lancaster and who “refuses” to follow orders? Do they even have any kind of education on how to treat the disabled?

    We know that they use the mentally ill as target practice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    AnonymousII – thank you for the supporting comment regarding Gregory Bayne. There was no way in hell that man should have been gunned down in broad daylight. He was mentally ill. He was not a threat to anyone until those cops treated him like shit that day and scared the crap out of someone they knew they could intimidate, confuse, and frighten.

    There are national news outlets calling for DA Stedman to bring criminal charges against this tazing officer. Boy oh boy… little do they know how far up every political, career enhancing butt Stedman is swimming in. They (Shaun King for one) actually wrote about this and actually is under the sad impression that DA Stedman would press criminal charges against Benoit (or however the hell you spell his name). He feathered the bed of Jose Delatorre instead of gathering all present and previous evidence on his present and previous actions.

    The only way that Stedman will do ANYTHING about this latest crap treatment is if it is to his benefit to move up the career ladder. And I have purposely stayed away from LNP’s website and comments under their article because as is so often shown, Lancastrians will make any excuse to support crap treatment like what happened on that street. Until of course it happens to one of them or their families.

  4. Anon says:

    Yes. This poor fellow is just lucky this jack booted thug officer didnt execute him. Clearly not compmying with conflicting orders is much more setious than urinating in public. These incidents of police abuse would not have continued had Stedman represented the citizenry and not the police. Where is the outrage on the part of Sen Martin, Rep Cutler, etc etc? Stedman must be stopped. He’s not fit to be the DA. He definitely isn’t fit to be a judge. Not even a poultry judge at a county fsir

  5. AnonymousII says:

    I agree completely with Anonymous and I hope and pray the FBI and the Justice Department will open an investigation into the murder of Gregory Bayne.

    Not only were authorities warned about LCPD Officer Jose DeLaTorre by a private citizen with nothing to gain by filing a complaint about him (and everything to lose), not to mention that he had already killed once before, the fact that the D.A. did not even pretend to conduct an independent investigation – and, instead, signed off on the LCPD “investigation” – is one of the most arrogant, disrespectful things any law “enforcer” could have done.

    And anyone who thinks Lancaster County Police Radio is encrypted to “protect police officers from being ambushed” is an idiot – county commissioners included. It is encrypted to protect police CHIEFS from being “ambushed”…by taxpayers demanding answers.

    I hope everyone will keep this in the National spotlight until Stedman is forced to resign and his career as a so-called “public servant” comes to an abrupt end, exactly as it should, for the good of everyone.

    I have never known a more pathetic excuse for a d-a. One is only as corrupt as the next highest person above them. And so it goes…

  6. OntheBeachByNoon says:

    By the way, I do NOT believe this was racially motivated. They do this kind of shit to everyone if they think they can get away with it – including white women. And they DO get away with it. D-A Craig Stedman will destroy evidence rather than expose a corrupt cop. That is not my opinion. It is a FACT.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Somebody needs to tell Judge Ashworth it is legal to “film” police. LMAO

  8. OntheBeachByNoon says:

    Have to assume he did NOT know he was on tape and the taze was yet another “error in judgement” that would not have occurred otherwise. …Because he cannot possibly think that was justified. No other objective, sane cop that I know thinks it was.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am so relieved and so grateful that finally one of the brutal actions of the LPD has finally broken through to national scrutiny.

    I still mourn the death of Gregory Bayne – a sad, homeless and mentally ill man well known to the police as a confused and harmless person.

    They treated him like a terrorist, threatened him with, yes, those conflicting commands, and chased him down like a dog in broad daylight and shot him dead.

    The DA spouting bullshit about the police ‘fearing for their lives’ over what was little more than a butter knife that any cop with any chutzpah could have grabbed from his hand and subdued him.

    And all the other crap arrests. The Somali man’s suicide in their holding cell. Todd Dickinson taunting and harrassing a russian immigrant.

    The never investigated video of the police stopping what appeared to be a drunk driver AND it appeared that they knew who it was and allowed the passenger in the back seat to take over the wheel and merrily they rolled along and away.

    And on and on. So many things that should be educated OUT of these cop’s brains but instead taxpayer money is plowed into a convention center and hotel and a historic destruction society that gives High the greenlight to tear down 19th century buildings that his company has previously purchased using a shell corporation name to avoid scrutiny but easily findable online in the records website.

    This may be the last screed I write about all of this. I know I sound like a record player skipping over and over and playing the same old song.

    And having to read the story and hear the news of a creep who mowed down five newspaper folks in Annapolis after sending thousands of threatening and harassing emails to a woman reporter and finally so mentally ill that he grabbed a gun and wiped out reporters who didn’t have a convention center to protect but were protecting the first amendment.

  10. Anon says:

    Officer id’s as Phillip Bernot, acc. To AP.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is there anyone still out there who continues to believe that the police don’t give conflicting orders just so they can have live target practice and abuse citizens?

    And we all know where Stedman will come down on this. He needs the police to help GOTV as his campaign for judge gears up.


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