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     Dwain London Sr. leaves the podium after addressing city council last night.

     London’s son, Dwain London Jr., was arrested the day before and is in Lancaster County Prison on $2 million cash bail charged with the arson at city hall and the city owned vehicle. His father never mentioned him during his comments to city council. It is amazing that he could be as calm and collected as he seemed last night.
     I will come back to Lancaster City Police Officer Jonathan Caple tomorrow. Oh, and the bee-keeping ordinance passed last night! Buzz…

*    Dwain London Sr. addressed city council last night during the public comment section at the end of the meeting. This is what he said:
I’m Dwain London. I live on South Ann Street.
     I’m here to give you the progress on the properties that I’ve that been working on. We’re ahead of schedule actually and the code issues have been addressed and I’m looking forward to inspections.
     I also want to bring up a few concerns that I had as far as the lead issues. We don’t have any children that live in our properties at all. Actually, there is one family – the kid is 11 years old. I just wanted to know what details to not have to do a lead test for my properties.
     Also, I have a property that was condemned due to a sewer issue. I have a plumber that went through to address the issue and I can show you the results. [London walked up to the city council members – the mayor first – and handed each one a sheet of paper.]
     At the time, when it was condemned, I definitely got a hold of the city inspector and I didn’t know that there wasn’t a sewer issue there – it was a drain downspout at the back – a drain in the back of the property that was causing the water to come through the property. So my property was condemned but it was not condemned properly. I was hoping I could get that condemnation lifted so I can continue to serve and do the code work that is needed to bring in affordable housing.
     I realize that the shared living aspect that I was trying to accomplish – actually that I have done for many years – is something that has to change. I’m looking forward to working with the city and moving forward with single family homes – families living in the properties.
     But I also want to be a part of – not the problem – I want to be part of the solution to try and figure out affordable housing and deal with homelessness. 
     I want to move swiftly on this as soon as these code issues are taken care of by the end of the week. I want to move swiftly into moving my properties into single family dwellings.
     I’m going to have a lot of tenants that are going to need some type of direction – some type of hope that they’re going to be able to have affordable living. So I’m not going to let go of their hands and I want to be there for them throughout the duration.
     And I just hope – I know there have been discussions already with you guys as far as homelessness and trying to come up with some type of affordable housing. And I’m on board. I wish – I’m hoping that I can be invited to the table to share what I’ve experienced over the years with the tenants that I serve
With that said, thank you.


Posted on Lancaster Online under the story, “Temporary protection from abuse order against Lancaster city police officer extended by 6 months,” (click here).

     That is an excellent question! And LNP made a marked change in their story online to spin it. That will come later today.
      Dwain London, Sr. made a surprise visit and addressed city council at last night’s meeting (you can watch the meeting here). Mayor Sorace appeared shocked but he simply discussed the progress he’s made on his rental properties and made no mention of his son.
      Of course, his son, Dwain London Jr. is in Lancaster County Prison on $2 million cash bail and charged with the arson at city hall and to a city owned vehicle. London’s complete presentation to council will also come later today.
Please check back later.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I lived with london for years and not only is he a slum landlore where he took vacations to Florida frequently which there is nothing wrong with that except he did it on the backs of the poor knowing his properties were in deployable conditions an he did nothing except give you broken promises. His places were filled with bed bugs and when you told him nothing would materialize. He simply didn’t care an he was arrogant feeling i guess that the city would do nothing. No fire ex,fire alarms, electrical outlets broken an again he didn’t care.

    • Becky says:

      I think the commenter this morning nailed it on the head. There is a huge difference between sewage leaking in a building and a downspout that was broken – and it seems this one can and should be answered unequivocally one way or the other!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for providing written coverage of the council meetings.

    There is no doubt Dwain London is a very smooth operator. I am still of the opinion that he is more a very skilled con-man, than a generous do-gooder.

    Youtube videos provided by a previous tenant do a good job both documenting both his less than savory actions, but also detail that city officials were fully aware previously of what he was doing and choose to take no action.

    So now you have clearly two less than reliable parties in this dispute.

    London’s claim that his property was improperly condemned due to a leaking downspout and not a leaking sanitary sewer as was reported, should be easily verifiable one way or the other. It would be nice to see the documentation prepared by the city code officials in condemning the property. London publicly made the claim the condemnation was improper, the city needs to publicly respond and provide verifiable documentation.

    If it wasn’t actually a leaking sanitary sewer, but only a downspout there is credibility to be lost by the city and gained by London.