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*    I am simply in shock. LNP reporter Tom Knapp writes an article on the unsolved murders of two women and talks about DNA and “new technology” and quotes long-time detectives as saying they might have the same killer but they don’t know for sure and never once asks why they haven’t done a DNA test to see if they truly do have the same killer or not!
     I am speechless. I am very familiar with the murders under the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab above on this site. I walked the streets on some of them and talked to family, friends and neighbors. I know that the police had not spoken to 83-year-old Erma Kaylor’s landlord a week after her horrific murder even though her friends and neighbors said she called him repeatedly to complain about the new people who recently moved into the apartment above hers.
     I was shocked when I learned that Olga Sanchez-Reyes was the victim of a previous arson before the horrific one that killed her. I had to go into the LNP lobby and speak with now managing editor Tom Murse and ask him why LNP had not reported that crucial fact and why the public had a right and a need to know. And I corresponded with someone who is quite certain that he knows who set the first fire – and I believe him. But neither fire has ever been solved and her murderer remains on the loose.
     But the murders of Myers and Chevalier were before my time and I knew next to nothing about them. But then to read Knapp’s piece and be shocked by the simple answer to his question and then to read Brett Hambright’s piece (who went from being an LNP reporter to being the current DA spokesperson) four years before that which asked the exact same question was simply too much when there is such an obvious, simple answer.
     What is going on and when will the DNA be tested? Again, the two articles with links are below.

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From left to right: Christy Mirack, Roxanne Myers and Juanita Chevalier

     There may be a serial killer in Lancaster County and despite knowing this for years, District Attorney Craig Stedman has not had a simple DNA test done to determine if the same man killed Christy Mirack (1992), Juanita Chevalier (1995) and Roxanne Myers (1998).
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  1. Anon says:

    The cameras are in place to protect the police … from misconduct charges. Or worse. (Think: Bayne). IIt is much easier to HIDE crime with “rotating” cameras, and much easier to edit or delete unwanted footage, where that would be nearly impossible to do with stationary cameras trained on a subject. Stedman, as we all know, is full of shit.

  2. huh? says:

    With all these unsolved murders and pitiable police work done on most of them, it makes you almost wonder if criminals and cops are in cahoots with each other.

    Sounds way crazy for sure but just look at that latest 80 million dollars (total) fraud that was just reported. CEO missing in action and a subsequent significant number of employees laid off. A sensible person would wonder, geez, were they all in together on this?

    I am sure the police are not in cahoots with the murderers but if you sit one case right next to other it sure makes you wonder just why so many murders go unpunished.

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