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Posted on Lancaster Online under today’s story, “Police file homicide charge, seek man wanted in unsolved 2009 stabbing death in Lancaster,” (click here).

     You aren’t allowed to ask those kinds of sensible questions of law enforcement in Lancaster County! LNP certainly never does!
     Actually, if you read Brett Hambright’s full press release about it, which is what LNP copied from, it makes you wonder why they needed a grand jury to file charges in the first place let alone have it take them nine years (click here). And isn’t the timing special?
     Due to a number of personal commitments today, I did not get as much done as I had planned but hope to catch up tomorrow and will publish it here.
     Please, if you know anyone in the news business (not LNP obviously) let them know that there’s a case of two or possibly three women killed by the same man in Lancaster County and they have the DNA of all the killers but claim they don’t “know” if it’s the same man in any or all of the killings.
     Hell, tell CBS “48 Hours!” Let them give DA Stedman a lesson in DNA!


UPDATE 6-19-18

They have the DNA of both killers but won’t test to see if it is the same man! Can you help?

     This is what I said in my emails yesterday along with a screenshot of the below post to multiple news agencies. I am going to do more today and also contact the state attorney general’s office and the FBI.



*    Groves was charged following a presentment by a statewide grand jury that stated DNA evidence established to a mathematical certainty blood found in the area where carpet was removed from his van belonged to Henkel.
From today’s PennLive article (click here for the story shown below).




    (Click here)

Roxanne Myers, left, and Juanita Chevalier

     LNP reporter Tom Knapp is doing a series on unsolved murders in Lancaster County and he is not going to ask the police and the District Attorney why a DNA test has not been done to determine if these two women did in fact have the same killer? Is that a sick joke? Seriously, what reporter or news organization in this country would ignore something so obvious?

     And former LNP reporter and now the “media spokesperson” for District Attorney Craig Stedman, Brett Hambright, wrote about the same cases four years ago and asked the same question (see below). And he has not responded to three emails asking his boss why a simple DNA test has not been done to determine if they have the same killer.
     Only in Lancaster County could the police and the District Attorney get away with not answering a simple, basic question that the families of these victims – and the public – have an absolute right and need to know.
Please check back later today.
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  1. OntheBeachByNoon says:

    Believe me…Stedman has done a lot more than nothing. Every single police, detective, judicial”, or other “incompetence” can be traced directly up to, down to, or back to Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman. The Sargeant Schulz persona is bullshit. He micro manages EVERYTHING. And. every outcome MUST benefit him, somehow, or it DOESN´T COME OUT!

  2. OntheBeachByNoon says:

    A prosecutor “can indict a ham sandwich”. He convened a grand jury because he is a p*ssy and when he loses he can say grand jury brought charges, not me. How about not wasting tax money on 10 yr old murders you solved ten years ago and dropped the ball, and use them for their intended purpose: Police and govt. corruption, fraud, waste, conspiracy, oppression, etc.? Why not? Because you are a politician – not a law enforcer – and don’t want to bust your friends. Do everyone a favor Stedman, and get off the public payroll. You are a disgrace….AND a danger to the public health safety and welfare. Go find a different pig trough to feed at.

  3. Anon says:

    I agree. It’s hard to imagine the pain from the unsolved murder of a loved one. And, of course, the public has a right to be fearful too. The least a DA could do is tell the families and public that there is no connection.

    Oops, let me correct that. The least a DA could do is what Stedman has done. Nothing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Becky, if they have the DNA results of both men, the results should show an analysis and that analysis should reveal if both killers are the same man.

    If the DNA was tested by the same laboratory, they would certainly alert them to the fact that the DNA matched.

    However, if the DNA was tested by two different laboratories at two different times the testing protocols may be different and if they were tested at length from each other, they may not have tested in a way that would show a match.

    • Becky says:

      Anon – these victims have families that are desperate for answers. Stedman needs to do the test today!

      Edited to add: and if Stedman already knows the answer he needs to tell the public today. And he needs to include the DNA of Christy Mirack’s killer as well.

    • Becky says:

      Anonymous (I believe it’s huh?) – No DA can be this incompetent! If he has the answer why has he allowed this to go on for four years?!?! This has to be investigated.

  5. Anon says:

    Becky, I can almost assure you that Stedman is going to take your suggestion and do the DNA comparison. But it’s still too far from the election to do it now. Of course you remember how they orchestrated that ridiculous press conference just before the general election last year. That blew up in Stedman’s face and he ended up losing a completely winnable race. Regardless, contacting the Feds and AG helps spread the word about the incompetence of these clowns in Lancaster and, hopefully, will again see voters keep Stedman off the bench.

  6. Becky says:

    I spoke to John Beauge who wrote the PennLive story this morning. He will be covering the trial after jury selection. He said to send the information regarding the Lancaster case to the PennLive newsroom manager and I am doing that (he lives in Williamsport, PA).