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    Posted on June 16th, 2018 Becky 5 comments

    *    In their front page article on the injunction today, LNP states it was filed on three different days. (It is not currently online. I will link as soon as it is.)
          The caption under the photo says it was filed on Friday. In the article it says it was filed on Wednesday and two paragraphs later they state it was filed on Tuesday.
          It was filed on Tuesday, June 12th! See below and the stamp on the right.



    Judge David Ashworth

         The below order signed by Judge David Ashworth (he crossed out Margaret C. Miller’s name) was not available yesterday when I wrote about the city’s request for an injunction against landlord Dwaine London Sr.
         How in the world can he expect the tenants to vacate in five days? Could the Judge move in five days? This cannot be legal. It is not the tenants’ fault and these are human beings not refrigerators! You cannot expect people to move in five days!


    5 responses to “* AN OUTRAGEOUS ORDER!”

    1. Well hate to point it out Becky those Renters all knew at some point they would be lose where they be living at they all seen the notices the city Tacked up on the front property and all them were there when they were told what was going on so really they should have made plans to find another place to live if this was to happen.
      But as most people now days thinks it’s always someone else’s fault but there own for what happens to them.
      Its the same thing when a tenant decides not to pay rent for 2-6 months they know at some point they will be evicted from where they are freeloading from the owner of the property, But in this case London decided to just money grab and take there money and leave them in this mess.

    2. This is a sad situation. Give a list of phone numbers out and expect them to move in 5days. These people didnt have a choice with bad credit and no housing available they stayed at these properties. They were given a list of numbers where u have to participate in a program where they help u budget thru tabor. Hdc properties are like sect8 list which have waiting list and wont be able to get in due to background and credit. Where will 60 people find housing? 60 more people homeless…

    3. Well said, Ohwellist. And Jay I’m not at all sure all these tenants knew they had to move and that fast. We don’t know what London was telling them. It was sounding as if the properties passed inspection, the tenants might be allowed to stay. It was only on Tuesday after the city filed the lawsuit that London “agreed” to convert to one family rentals displacing about sixty people.

    4. Off topic but sure wish that the LPD and Tom Knapp would bother to watch 48 Hours that’s on right now. Walks you how the authorities pinned down who the Golden State serial killer was caught.

      And yes, it took a plain old regular citizen to explain to the authorities on how they could match the DNA if any of the killer’s family had tested their DNA on a public database. It is just so disappointing that Knapp can’t study up on the mechanics and then present them to the LPD so they will do the same.

      I always get the feeling that if an ordinary citizen, especially a woman, were to go to the LPD and explain how they might use what is publicly available they might be able to wrap up some of the outstanding cases. I also feel more that if a woman went to them that they would smile, pat her on the head, and laugh behind her back.

      Tom Knapp could learn so much from this show that’s on right now. And maybe the cops would actually listen to him. But as we all know, he is one of the most uninterested, disinterested “investigative” reporters on the planet. And if this makes him mad if he reads it, so be it. Maybe he’ll read a book or at the very least watch a TV show and then go back to the cops and ask the right questions.

    5. I have not forgotten, huh?! It is at the top of my list for this week.