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    Posted on May 8th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


    *    They talked about a lot more than bees in last night’s City Council Committee Meeting (click here for LNP’s “Lancaster City Council to consider licensing beekeeping” and click here to watch the entire meeting on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page).
         Charlotte Katenmoyer discussed the Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) water meter program that is to start on June 11th in the city. Everyone in the city will have to have an “ERT,” a computer chip attached to their meter so it can be read by computer off-site. She added if the meter is over 25 years old – a new meter will also be installed. Katzenmoyer estimated that half of the 45,000 meters involved are 25 years or older.
         LNP’s Tim Stuhldreher asked about the cost. It is 10-and-a-half million dollars and the meters are an additional two to two-and-a-half million dollars. He also asked about water rate increases and if this wasn’t supposed to be hooked up to the fiber-optic LanCity Connect broadband internet. Katzenmoyer said yes, but they were moving ahead without the LanCity hookup. The LanCity Connect program has been idle since December because of a lawsuit by PP&L – and in fact, some current connections that existed previously to December are being removed.
          None of this is included in Stuhldreher’s article about bees and it is not clear how much additional this will cost city tax payers. I will look into this further.


    STAFF WRITER IN 2018! 

    From his Twitter account.

           Have you noticed an article by Junior Gonzalaz on Monday’s Lancaster Online? 
          Apparently an actual, live, minority Staff Writer!!!! Isn’t that a hoot?! Even a picture!! 
         Just had to call it to your attention……………….not the article, but the writer!
    This email in yesterday.
         I did notice, thank you! I think he started about two weeks ago. Isn’t it unbelievable and sad that this is a major, newsworthy event in 2018?
         Now, is LNP going to continue being the public relations arm for the police or are they going to do their job and hold them accountable and inform and protect the citizens of Lancaster County?
    Please check back later today.

    4 responses to “* WILL LNP DO THEIR JOB?”

    1. -------------------

      This seems worth mentioning… Did you see Chet Beiler alledges that Smucker “absolutely loathes” Martin?

    2. OMG! Yes!!! Chet Beiler is insane. Literally. I thought it was funny when he said, “Ask Scott Martin. Ask his wife.” LNP has never told the public about Martin’s “new” wife! LOL!

    3. They ought to just lock Smucker and Beiler in a room and let them go at it! What a disgrace! Two idiots!

    4. OnTheBeachByNoon

      So, if I hear the Katz rt, slap another couple million on the MAW waste of taxpayer $$. He should have asked if city has any plans to recoup its loses, besides “infrastrucure”. And that lovely rowhone in Reading.