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    Posted on May 30th, 2018 Becky No comments


         They have had years to compare the DNA. The testing has been in place for a long time. Hell, Morry Povich does the same test for years and years.
    Part of a comment in under yesterday’s post.
         Yes, they have had years to do a simple test and determine if Juanita A. Chevalier and Roxanne V. Myers were killed by the same man or not. If not, the two police departments could continue their separate work. If yes, the two departments could combine their resources and share every piece of evidence and everything they know about the killer – and look into any other possible murders he may have committed!
         Why wasn’t this done years ago and why didn’t reporter Tom Knapp ask for his recent story? And why didn’t Brett Hambright ask when he was still a reporter for LNP and wrote about these two cases? It’s an obvious, in your face question any true reporter would ask!
          I am still awaiting an answer from Brett Hambright from my email this morning. I will follow-up tomorrow. This is simply unbelievable.
    There will be more tomorrow.



    ***   Well, look at this (click here)! Apparently the Ephrata Police know how to use DNA! Maybe they could consult with Lancaster Captain Mike Winters and DA Craig Stedman and help them out.


    (Click here) 

    **   Can we assume that Mayor Sorace is asking the Chief about the progress they are making in last week’s arson? Will she ask him about all the unsolved murders in the city? Will she ask him about the Lancaster Safety Coalition cameras and whether they work? Will she ask him about the four people charged with “riot?” Will she ask him about the complaint procedure against the police and why they ask for the name of your employer? Will she advise him to be careful and not break the Constitution? Wow!

    *     A quick update today: I have not received a response to my email to City Council member Ismail Smith Wade-El as to why he was absent from Saturday morning’s special meeting. I did call the Board of Elections today and his official address is 947 Virginia Avenue. So, this 28-year-old is still living with mom.



    Myers (left) and Chevalier

        The following email was sent to Brett Hambright, media spokesman for DA Craig Stedman, at 7:24 am this morning:

    Please have District Attorney Craig Stedman explain why a simple DNA test has not been done between the killers of Juanita A. Chevalier (1995) and Roxanne V. Myers (1998) to determine if the killer is the same man.
    Also, you wrote about these two cases in October of 2014 for LNP (link below). A commenter under your story on Lancaster Online brought up the 1992 murder of Christy Mirack. Has the DNA of her killer been tested against the killer(s) of Chevalier and Myers and if not, why not?
    Thank you and I look forward to your prompt response,
    Becky Holzinger
         The two articles about these murders are below with a link to the LNP stories.
    Please see yesterday’s post immediately below and check back later today.

    (Click here)

    (Click here)

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