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    Posted on May 26th, 2018 Becky 4 comments

    **   Meanwhile, police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser said Friday his department wasn’t aware beforehand that the city didn’t want the officers accompanying inspectors to check tenants for outstanding warrants, but he sees no problems with such a policy going forward.
         The administrative warrants the city obtained to enter the houses were essentially search warrants, he said. Checking occupants’ background is standard procedure, he said, and also helps to ensure safety, since officers know better whom they’re dealing with.
    From the LNP story, “Lancaster city landlord Dwain London’s properties pass first round of inspections,” (click here).
         Oh, my heavens! I don’t think the courts would agree with you, Chief Berkihiser! Why don’t you just get a warrant for everyone in the city? Is this man for real? Did the Mayor just promote him to Chief?      


    *     9:59 am – City Council just voted to allow the Water Street Mission to demolish the warehouse. Unbelievable. You can watch the entire meeting here.



    4 responses to “** – * THIS MORNING!”

    1. It is just unacceptable that council members are absent this often.

    2. Agreed!

    3. Intimidation tactic to repress tenants’ support of London and/or opportunity to explain why. From the latest reports, London is upgrading and fixing his properties which is what they wanted in the first place… or did they?

      Someone should educate the chief that wouldn’t be serving a warrant to inspect the property; that would be conducting a sweep. Big difference.

    4. LNP’s dangling past participle notwithstanding, Berkihiser see’s “no problem” with what is, beyond any reasonable doubt, a violation of the U.S. Constitution against unreasonable search and seizure. What an *sshole he is.